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10 Liter Electric Deep Fryer With Timer

10 Liter Electric Deep Fryer With Timer


Electric Deep Fryer With Timer Features:

●  Ideal for chips and countless other deep-fry fast-foods
●  Powerful countertop fryer with stainless steel lid
●  Hygienic, safe and easy to clean
●  Adjustable thermostatic control
●  Solid intergral forming handle for fried basket
●  Knitting two side basket,more solid and durable
●  21A inner waterproof switch,more durable
●  Pan with handle for easy remove



Power Type: Electric
Net Weight:6kg
Material:Stainless Steel


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Electric Deep Fryer With Timer 

10 Liter Electric Deep Fryer With Timer  is ideal for chips,chicken and countless other deep-fry fast-foods.
Because of  its light and separated oil cylinder,this light fryer is suitable for small delis,fried chicken shop,sandwich shops etc.
You can easily take it everywhere or move it other kitchen position to fry different foods for your distinguished guest. 
It has a split design and a separate oil cylinder.The head can be disassembled separately for easy separation and cleaning.
Providing you a excellent performance, high frying efficiency and safe frying machine.

Electric Deep Fryer With Timer–LR-EF-101

Efficiently fry all of your most popular appetizers,
sides, and snacks with the Electric Deep Fryer!
The Deep Fryer features easy-to-use controls and
fast-responding heating elements for accurate heat adjustments.
The parameters of this electric fryer is 3KW power,220V
and you can adjust temperatures between 60-200℃ so that
you have enough space and heat for thorough cooking.


Fast heating and
safe to operate
3KW U shape strong heating tube for
quick heating, with over temperature
protection device to make sure of the
safety.Ensure that you have enough
space and heat for thorough cooking.
Durable and easy
to operate
Whole stainless steel body, strong
and durable.Multi-layer anti-corrosion
technology design, long service life,
and does not affect the deliciousness
of food.
High capacity
Single basket is also included with this
deep fryer. The basket has a 10L food
capacity, allowing for you to fry ample
amounts of your delicious french fries
and chicken tenders at a time for your
distinguished guest.
The timer is also built into the fryer to help
prevent over-cooking and burning.
The temperature range is 60-200℃,
arbitrarily adjust the heat you need.
With temperature controller and timer,
very easy to operate and keep cooking safe.
Easy to clean
Removable head,0.7mm thickness stainless
steel strong oil tank with handle for easy to
clean.Because of the detachable advantage,
it is easy to remove the accumulated grease
and oil in the unit.

How to use

It is very simple, put the oil inside the tank , turn on the machine, set the
temperature in 60-200℃, fish for example, normally set 147 ℃,chicken
wing 150℃,after about 5 minutes you could start to fry the foods, and
this machine has a timer, you could set the time from 0-60 minutes,then
at the same time you could prepare other foods, This fryer also has over
temperature protection device, if overheating, the machine will stop,and you
need to push this reset protection button for next use. only need 2 seconds
to take out the head, then you could start to clean the machine.

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