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Food Warmer Lamp

Food Warmer Lamp


Food Warmer Lamp Features:

● This warmer boasts a simple design that combines with rugged construction to give you a reliable way to keep fried foods hot without drying them out so they always taste like they just came out of the fryer.
● With adjustable height, you can control the intensity of the heat and prevent over-drying.
● Aluminum construction gives this free-standing heat lamp exceptional durability


3&4 Bulb Food Warmer BV-BWZ-4
Power Type: Electric
Net Weight:21kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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3&4 Food Warmer Lamp

This Food Warmer Lamp provides the heat needed to keep food hot, crispy, and ready to eat, and also illuminates products to attract more customers.
It can help us efficiently keep delicious food warm, save energy and electricity, and is easy to clean. This warmer is suitable for restaurants, cafeterias,
canteens, and more.
This warmer features a simple design combined with sturdy construction to give you a reliable way to keep food hot without drying
out, so it preserves its flavor.
With this food warmer, you can serve nutritious and delicious meals to your valued guests. Our greatest wish is to provide
you with excellent performance, high thermal insulation efficiency, and safety Bulb Food Warmer

Heat lamp Food warmer–BV-BWZ-4

Efficiently keeps all the most popular appetizers warm,
Side dishes, as well as snacks! Thanks to its adjustable
legs, you can control the intensity of the heat reaching
your food to prevent over-drying. The parameter of this
lamp warmer is 2+1kW, and 50℃ temperature. So you
have power and heat for heating.


Bulb Food Warmer
Food warmer lamp controller Food warmer

Keep Warmer

The infrared heating style with 1kw elements
can keep the temperature heated faster to
keep the food warmer.
Universal bulb interface,
sturdy and durable, quick, and easy bulb
installation, easy replacement.
Bulb Controller And Hole
Each bulb has a temperature controller, so it’s
easy to change the temperature.
The heat
dissipation hole can release extra heat in a time
to protect the bulb from burning out.
A simple rocker switch controls the heat plate,
making it easy for any employee to operate. Heat
and light display, keep your French fries hot, crisp,
and ready to serve at all times

Bulb Food Warmer

High Performance

1. Adjustable High
Height-adjustable countertop unit provides the perfect heat for a variety of foods
2. High-quality material
Durable metal construction for excellent durability
3. 3/4 bulbs
Meet the daily needs of a busy fast food restaurant, kiosk, or snack bar



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