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Bar Glass Washer

Bar Glass Washer


Bar Glass Washer Features:

● Suitable for hotels and restaurants
● Contact area is large, leaving a high cleaning efficiency
● Before use, the device must be left to dry overnight.
● Only requires 3-4s to clean cups, improving work efficiency and save on labour costs.
● High efficiency and energy saving, greatly improve the circulation utilization of the cup.
● To save time, save water, energy conservation and environmental protection



Bar Glass Washer SB-1
Net Weight:7kg
Overall Dimensions:200*300*250mm

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Bar Glass Washer

A Bar Glass Washer removes unsightly lipstick marks, fingerprints, and smudges from glassware. This handy tool minimizes the need for
manual labor while providing a quick solution for cleaning glassware. This powerful glass washer is perfect for creating the perfect finish
to help showcase your favorite beverages with ease. Wide range of use, multi-cup type can be used. Such as red wine glass, crystal glass,
champagne glass, red wine glass, etc. It is suitable for many places, such as hotels, western restaurants, clubs, etc. It is our greatest wish
to provide you with a glass drying and polishing machine with excellent performance, high polishing efficiency, and safety.

Glass Dryer and Polisher–SB-1

This unit not only minimizes time and labor costs but ensures better and more
consistent results than meticulously washing each glass by hand. Designed for
use in sinks completely submerged in water; all you need is a bottle of liquid
glass detergent and you can restore glass to its original luster.


Bar Glass Washer
Bar Glass Washer
Wash thoroughly

5 brushes make the cleaning more
thorough, 360° without dead angle
cleaning. Fits multiple cup sizes and
removes lipstick and smudges with ease.

Glass Dryer and Polisher Intuitive Controls
Simple on/off button for easy operation.
Employees of all skill levels can easily
operate this glass polisher.
Bar Glass Washer

High Performance

1. Save labor costs
Convenient operation, saving time and effort. Instead of a lot of labor,
about 800 cups can be cleaned per hour.

2. High-quality motor and brush
Can be used for a long time, and the quality is reliable and safe.

3. Suitable for multi-cup type
Unrestricted cleaning, 360° all-round cleaning, easy to remove stains.

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