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Batch Bowl Food Processor

Batch Bowl Food Processor


1. Stainless steel bowl and body
2. Smooth S shape blade
3. Easy to clean to take out the shape and bowl for wash
4. With a safety switch, High efficiency, saves time
5. There are 3 liters to 15 liters for you to choose Easy to use

Cutting Speed:1400r/min

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Commercial Food Processor

This Batch Bowl Food Processor adopts a unique spiral cutter chopping method. One machine is multi-purpose,
fast chopping, and the meat filling is smooth and not loose. The Batch Bowl Food Processor is made of stainless steel,
safe and sanitary, and easy to clean. This product is suitable for chopping fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, meat, etc.
it is also a good helper in hot pot shops. It can cut garlic, pepper, peanuts, sesame, ginger, radish, mushrooms, and other foods.

Ingredients bowl food processor

The motor case and cutter drum of this chopper
can be separated quickly. And it is sealed
and detachable. In addition, it is convenient to clean all
kinds of broken vegetables and granules, and the cleaning is fast.
The stainless steel grinding tank is cleaner and safer,
replacing the unhygienic iron plating tank.



Batch Bowl Food Processor
Batch Bowl Food Processor

Easy Control
There are three buttons in total.
Black is the on/off switch, The middle button
is the start, and red is the stop. A simple
operation mode is very easy to use.

Barrel cover device
The lid is designed with a handle for easy
access to avoid direct contact with the lid
and prevent scalding. At the same time,
The white rubber block can be opened,
and other things can be added in the middle,
which is convenient and fast.
Bowl and blades
Stainless steel barrel, high-end
catering customization, its capacity
can put 4 liters of food materials at
a time.Smooth S-shaped blade,
sharp blade, polished by fine steel,
can cut food at high speed in all directions
and is even and delicate.
Commercial Food Processor Batch Bowl Food Processor

Handle and buckle
Both sides of the cutting and wringing
the bucket is designed with safety buckles
and handles. The buckle can secure
the lid of the pot, and the anti-skid
handles on both sides can easily
move the hinge barrel, which is not
easy to fall, and is firm and convenient.

Stainless steel handle
The machine base is designed with
a protective handle, which is easy to
move and ensures that the machine
is safe and controllable during the
process of rotating and chopping.
The structure of the whole machine is stainless steel,
which is more durable and easy to clean.

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