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Bread Slicer

Bread Slicer


Bread Slicer Feature:

●  Bread Width: 375mm max
●  Bread Height: 14.5mm max
●  Capacity: 240 breads per hour,
●  Can cut 31/39 pcs 12mm thickness breads One time
●  Optional blade distance.
●  31D: 10-30mm; 39D: 12mm/15mm



Number of  Bread:31Pcs
Bread Diameter:150x375mm
Net Weight:70kg
Material: Stainless Steel & Painting

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Bread Slicer

The Bread Slicer is a high-performance machine that takes up very little counter space and is perfect for bakeries, specialty sandwich stores, hotels,
cafes, and trendy bread joints. The machine can be used for multiple functions, such as cutting food such as bread, ham, steamed buns, and mushrooms.
In addition, it is equipped with a food-grade stainless steel blade for fast cutting and smooth incision. At the same time ensure food safety. It has an
automatic operation, so it can save you a lot of manual work. This machine is made of stainless steel, and the body is sturdy and anti-corrosion, durable.
Our best will is to provide you with premium performance, high efficiency, and a safe bread slicer machine.

Bread Slicer –CG-31D

Use the bread slicer machine to efficiently cut bread! Fast speed, low noise,
and high efficiency meet your various bread-cutting needs! The machine is
not only fast but also easily operate. So it is a good helper in your kitchen.
The parameters of this machine are 0.2kW and 220V. And the number of
bread is 31pcs. The bread Diameter is 150×375mm. Machine operation
frees hands and reduces manual operation time!


Bread Slicer
countertop bread slicer

Adjustment knob

The slice can be quickly adjusted and
the blade height can be controlled.
Meet the needs of different bread sizes.

New Fine Tooth Knife Saw
The slicing speed is fast and efficient.
The incision is flat and the thickness is
uniform. And clean and hygienic.
Bread Baffle Adjuster
The fixed baffle can be adjusted according to
the bread length. User-friendly design, suitable
for bread types of various lengths. more convenient.
Bread Slicer machine Bread Slicer machine countertop bread slicer

Side movement handle for easy movement
of the machine.Can meet your kitchen
layout requirements.

Control panel
Clear and easy-to-understand operation
panel. only On and off buttons. The operation
is very simple and not complicated process.
Sturdy body
It is made of sturdy food-grade
stainless steel with non-slip rubber
feet for a sturdy body.
Bread Slicer

High performance

1. Stainless steel body, durable and anti-corrosion

2. Stainless steel blade, sharp and fast, cutting evenly

3. One-button power switch, easy to operate

4. Adjustable knob to adjust the slice

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