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Cake Display

Cake Display


Cake Display Features:

● Fully enclosed, low noise, high efficiency.
● Cools fast, with strong corrosion resistance, energy saving, serpentine pipes increase the cooling area, durable.
● Can be used for a long time, and improve life. refrigeration more quickly.
● Evaporation heat increase refrigeration, pipeline life long, and strong corrosion resistance.
● Temperature control precision, and convenient operation.
● Electronic thermostat and digital display for accuracy and easy reading.




Cake Showcase
Refrigeration Power:0.805Kw
Net weight:285kg
Number of Shelves:2
Defrost System: Forced Air Circulation
Refrigerant: R134A

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Cake Display

Cake Display Cold storage cabinet for displaying cakes. Usually made of stainless steel and marble. So it is commonly used in cake shops, food stores,
and other stores, with a wide range of uses. So the display cabinet is suitable for displaying small items such as cakes, vegetables, beverages, beer, etc.
And it can also be used to display gifts, handicrafts, food items, tobacco, wine, and other large items. In order to keep the cake cabinet fresh, refrigerate,
display, and for other purposes, all of which are made of tempered glass, which not only ensures the display effect but also ensures that the broken glass
will not hurt people. 

Cake Showcase–CD-150L3S

Store food efficiently with the cake showcase!
Low noise and high efficiency to meet your various storage needs!
1. Anti-fog function design.
Equipped with lamp humidifier,
refused to air dry.
2. Temperature control, intelligent constant temperature
3. Air-cooled frost-free cake cabinet, The air-cooling technology


Cake Display
Cake Display Cake Display controller

Air control
Air-cooled circulation technology to
keep clean air. Effectively inhibit
bacterial growth.

Curved tempered glass
Tempered glass curved surface design,
safe and reliable, and good-looking.

Control panel
Clear and easy-to-understand operation
panel. One-touch cooling and
defogging buttons.
cake showcase Multifunction

1. An Air-cooled frost-free system
No water in the cabinet. And no frost. And keep food fresh.
Because ordinary direct cooling will cause frost to accumulate
in the cabinet. Because both glass and food need frequent defrosting.
2. Good preservation effect

The cold air is not easy to run off. To prevent external heat flow
from entering, and prevent internal cold air loss.
3. Good heat dissipation
Because of the large-area cooling plate. To prolong the life of the machine.

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