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Citrus Orange Juicer

Citrus Orange Juicer


Citrus Orange Juicer Features:

● High-speed motor, low noise.
● A drip-tight device, not the juice onto the motor.
● A permanent filter, a specialty of squeezed orange
● With non-ship feet
● A professional commercial design squeezed orange juice, and grapefruit juice. wheel.



Net Weight:2.5kg

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Citrus Orange Juicer

Our Citrus Orange Juicer helps you extract every drop of fresh juice from oranges, lemons, and more, allowing you to enjoy freshly
squeezed juice without stopping to pick out the pulp and seeds. Made of food-grade plastic, safe and healthy. Our citrus juicer is very
easy to clean. After use, the whole machine can be easily disassembled and the parts can be disassembled for cleaning. Simply push
the halved fruit onto the reamer, then squeeze and twist! With a built-in strainer, it collects the pulp and stones while the juice drips
into the bowl below. It is our greatest wish to provide you with high-performance, high-efficiency, and safe Juice Extractors.

Commercial juicers–A9000

The traditional juice extractor needs to peel the peel first or put it directly into the
juice extractor without peeling the peel, which is easy to squeeze out the astringent
taste of the peel, resulting in the juice not having a good taste. Traditional juicers
have low efficiency, slow juice extraction speed, and are very difficult to clean.
Our juicer only needs to put the orange into the juicer’s head, and it can rotate to
squeeze out the delicious orange juice.


Citrus Orange Juicer
Citrus Orange Juicer Commercial juicers Commercial juicers
The filter design can filter pomace,
the fruit particles can be effectively
retained in the juice, and the taste
is better and more authentic.
This product adopts a switch with a
waterproof cap for safer operation.
One key switch, no complicated operation.
Large, medium, and small juicers
Equipped with 3 types of juicing heads,
which can be installed according to the
size of the fruit. This way each fruit gets
its full juice.
Citrus Orange Juicer

High Performance

1. High efficiency
High-speed motor, electric juicer, low noise, the speed can reach 1600(kg/h)
2. Easy to clean
The whole machine is simple in composition, without complicated parts, and
it is very convenient to clean

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