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Combination Cake Display

Combination Cake Display


Combination Cake Display Features:

● Adjustable shelves.
● High-density foam, closed glass structure, good insulation, energy-saving.
● Air cooling, air-cooled circulation, cooling speed,- the temperature is even.
● Each shelf with lights, enhances the display effect.
● Hollow insulated safety glass, the glass door with heater defrosting, reducing consumption.
● Refrigerating or heating or ambient temperature.
● Stainless steel, marble, or artificial stone( the color can be selected according to the customer’s request).
● Refregerant : R134a.

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Combination Cake Display

A Combination Cake Display solves your shop opening needs! Composed of three cake cabinets and two cake tables, it is ideal for displaying cakes, tarts, and checkout processing.
Usually made of stainless steel and marble, ideal for cake shops, and food stores. Because Cake Display Cabinet Energy saving, and low noise. So it can help us better store food.
At the same time, the appearance of glass can help us observe the state of food at any time. Above all, our best will is to provide you with premium performance, high efficiency,
and a safe Combination Cake Display.

Cake Display

Store food efficiently with the cake display cabinet!
Low noise and high efficiency to meet your various storage needs!
1. Anti-fog function design. Equipped with LED.
2. Temperature control, intelligent constant temperature.
3. The Air-cooled frost-free cake cabinet, The air-cooling technology.


Combination Cake Display
Combination Cake Display cake showcase controler

Air control
Air-cooled circulation technology to
keep clean air. Effectively inhibit
bacterial growth.

Curved tempered glass
Tempered glass curved surface design,
safe and reliable, and good-looking.

Control Panel
Electronic temperature control and
And, precise temperature
control. Also, automatic defrost. 
Combination Cake Display  

High performance

1.  An Air-cooled frost-free system
No water in the cabinet. And no frost. And keep food fresh.
Because ordinary direct cooling will cause frost to accumulate
in the cabinet. Because both glass and food need frequent defrosting.
2.  Good preservation effect
The cold air is not easy to run off. To prevent external heat flow
entering, and prevent internal cold air loss.
3.  Good heat dissipation
Because of the large-area cooling plate. To prolong the life of the machine.

cake display cake display controler

Beautiful Appearance
The golden outer frame
is stylish and stylish.

Large Cooling Holes
With multiple heat dissipation,
the machine has a long service life.

Control Panel
The intelligent control panel can
observe the status of the machine.


In addition, it has a wide range of uses!
For example, it can also display small items such as vegetables, beverages, beer, etc.,
Also, it can also be used to display large items such as gifts, handicrafts, food, tobacco,
and alcohol.

The best choice: Combining cake cabinets can solve your matching troubles at one time.


bakery cake showcase
cake fridge cake fridge cake cabinet

Explosion-proof glass
Upgrade explosion-proof technology,
not easy to damage.

Demisting design
The display is clearer and
the color is brighter.

Digital Smart Panel
Switch, and defrost the panel.
LED, defogging button.

Cake Cabinet
There are three drawers that
can be used to receive payments,
store bags or gift boxes.
Cake Cabinet
The cabinet can be used to
display new products, bestsellers,

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