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Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer

Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer


Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Features:

● Copper motor, powerful and quiet,wear-resisting Opti belt from Taiwan
● Safety switch and motor overload protect
● Metal body with 4mm of thickness, solid and durable,  ensuring a stable working status.
● The newly designed “S” shaped hook makes sure a complete mixing and works more efficiently than the traditional design.
● Thickened solid material for barrel base to ensure stableness when it is kneading.
● 80-260 L are transmitted by belt, double motors




Bowl Soeed:16r/min

Mixing speed:107/210r/min
Maxing kneading capacity:50kg
Net Weight:507kg

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Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer

This Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer has a capacity of 130L. It uses a pure copper motor, which is very fast,
strong and quiet, without dead ends pulling, pulling, kneading, and pressing, and can quickly roll into balls and pumpkins.

The 4mm thick metal body is sturdy and durable, and the use effect has been well received by users for many years.
Optimum kneading performance, whether you’re preparing pizza, cookies, or bread, the mixer is durable.
The powerful machine every kitchen needs, it works the hardest and never gets tired!
Providing you with excellent performance, high cooking efficiency, and a safe commercial spiral dough mixer is our best will.

Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer–LM-130

When you use the Linkrich dough mixer to prepare your dough,
the proportion of flour to water is 2:1. Water is half the weight of flour.
Thanks the dough Mixer is made from cast iron with a net weight of 507kg,
so it won’t shake at all even when working at its full load. And the mixer’s
gears are durable, noiseless, and not easily worn down, The pure copper
motor provides high torque and performance, low noise, and calorific
value, Automotive spray painting avoids fading for years.

Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer
Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer

Easy Control 
One-key operation, no cumbersome
procedures, easy to use.
Motor overload
protection, equipped with emergency stop
control to ensure operation and user safety.

Equipped with a smart timer to save your
operating time.

Large capacity
The extra-large size meets the needs of
large batches of food at one time and saves
energy. The dough mixing efficiency is high,
simulating traditional manual craftsmanship,
making the water and the dough more fully fused,
and the dough is more elastic.
Stainless steel and face hook
With a snake-shaped design, the dough
has a large force area, high efficiency,
and even mixing.
It is perfectly matched
with the surface of the barrel and the surface
rod, and the distance is less than 3mm.
Commecial Spiral Dough Mixer High performance

304 stainless steel extra thick barrel.
1. The overall appearance is elegant, not easy to burst, and durable.
2. Easy to clean and anti-corrosion.

Double-strength kneading
1. Efficient mix, free hands.
2. Using the traditional kneading process, the dough is more resilient.

Protective cover
1. Parabolic stainless steel protective cover to ensure safe use.
2. Automatic power-off protection to avoid misoperation.


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