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Commercial Baking Oven

Commercial Baking Oven


Commercial Baking Oven Features

● Automatic Detection System–Over temperature power-off protection, automatic detection system, temp, from will automatically rise.
● Far Infrared Heating Tube–Six far infrared heating tubes can be added to bake pizza.
● SS Manufacturing –The whole shell is made of thickened 201 stainless steel. Stainless Steel door or toughened glass door can be selected. The window design is convenient to observe the baking effect.



Three Layers Twelve Trays
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Temperature: 20~400°C
Tray Size:600x400mm
Chamber size:1690x650x220mm

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Commercial Baking Oven

Three-layers Twelve-trays Commercial Baking Oven is fast heating, uniform furnace temperature, and high thermal efficacy. Use this oven to bake bread,
cakes, biscuits, rotisserie chicken and roasts, and more. In addition, the machine is simple, fast, and convenient to operate. So it is very suitable for a bakery,
cake shop, hotel, etc.
The furnace bottom for the slab is heated evenly. And, the temperature in the 20-400℃ adjustable, points underside fire, automatic
constant temperature. Overall, providing you with excellent performance, high baking efficiency, and a safe commercial oven machine is our best will.

Commercial Baking Oven–QL-312

For this kind of commercial baking oven, we have from 1 tray to 16 trays of different
for your request, either electric or gas. So this oven is suitable for shopping
malls, supermarkets, hotels, and fresh baking shops to bake all
kinds of products.
In addition, the whole shell is made of thickened 201 stainless steel. Stainless Steel
door or toughened glass door. And, the window design is convenient to observe the
baking effect.

Commercial Baking Oven
Commercial Baking Oven Premium Heater
Gas as an energy source. Because of
independent temperature control up
and down, balanced heat generation.
Thus, ensure that the corner bread is
heated evenly and has a uniform color. 
Commercial Baking Oven Fast heating
Because of the far Infrared Heating
Tube. So it is heated evenly, greatly
improving the heat utilization rate.
So it can meet the need for fast
cooking. Also, reduce the waiting
of customers.
Control Panel

Independent control panel for each
layer. There are temperature displays
and temperature control. Lighting
switch, timer switch.And power switch.

Internal display
Because it is made of durable
material. Thus, the machine
is long to use.

Commercial Baking Oven

High performance

1. Infrared heating technology
Infrared heating technology.High heating efficiency, and even heating.
2. Wide-range temperature control
20-400°C covers the temperature. For all baked ingredients.
3. Up and down independent temperature control
The upper and lower tubes heat independently. Also, the ingredients
are baked in all directions


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