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Commercial Ice Machine 90kg

Commercial Ice Machine 90kg


Commercial Ice Maker Features:

●  The Accepted standard of ice in all international markets. because of its wide heat exchange surface with an inner hole allowing quicker cooling.
●  These units have an integrated storage bin for compact space utilization.
●  Reliable operation and easy installation.
●  Maximum performance, Heavy duty machine.
●  Stainless Steel Construction, Hygienic and clean.
●  Self-contained unit, Easy to access ice, Removable legs.



Max daily production:90-100kg
Storage Capacity:45kg
Net weight:52kg
Refrigerant: R134A

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Commercial Ice Machine 90kg

The Commercial Ice Machine can produce 90-100kg of ice per day and come with a storage container that can hold 45kg of ice. So the quantity
of ice cubes that can satisfy your entire home and business needs. Very Suitable for coffee shops, milk tea shops, hotels, bars, homes, etc.
Equipped with a powerful 680W compressor, the ice-making speed is fast, the ice-making thickness can be selected, continuous ice-making,
and high efficiency. Easy to clean and ensure environmental sanitation. Thickened foam insulation keeps cold for longer. Providing you with
excellent performance, high cooling efficiency, and a safe Ice machine is our best will.

Ice Maker–IC-90

A commercial ice maker is a great way to make ice quickly and efficiently.
They operate quietly so they won’t disturb your customers or employees.
Produces crystal clear ice cubes to keep your drinks cold and refreshing.
Whether you’re looking for an industrial-sized machine or a smaller
machine for your home kitchen, we’ve got a commercial ice machine
to meet your needs.


Commercial Ice Machine
Commercial Ice Maker Commercial Ice Machine
Ice Tray
Ice tray evaporator, ice out quickly.
Crystal clear large ice cubes.
High Capacity
90-100kg large ice storage capacity,
high output, fast ice production,
stable performance.
Low noise
Run the work at low decibels,
do not disturb your work
Commercial Ice Machine

High Performance

1. Front cooling panel
Ensure the normal cooling of the machine
2. Thickened foam insulation
Effective isolation of external energy, long-term cold lock
3. Convenient to take the ice
Self-contained unit, Easy to access ice, Removable legs

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