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Corn Steamer

Corn Steamer


Corn Steamer Features:

● High capacity
● Steam food

● Detachable heating plate
● Temperature controllable: 30°C-110°C



Net Weight:6kg

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Corn Steamer

This Corn Steamer is designed for commercial kitchens. The steamer can steam corn, vegetables,
snacks, and other delicacies. No matter what kind of cuisine, it is perfect for your restaurant,
cafe, bakery, and more. The perfect addition to your kitchen. With excellent thermal conductivity,
it can be used quickly and efficiently in busy kitchens. This steamer can keep the temperature very well
and provide you with hot food at all times. Providing you with excellent performance, high cooking efficiency,
and a safe corn steamer is our best will.

Corn Steamer–LR-CS48L

Rugged construction ensures constant heating through washing, storage,
and continual heating. So high-quality materials can maintain long-lasting
performance, durable. The parameters of this fryer are2.5kW power, 220V,
and adjustable temperature
between 30-110℃, so that you have enough
space and
save temperature.

Corn Steamer
Corn Steamer Corn Steamer Corn Steamer Commercial

The temperature can be adjusted to
30-110 ℃,which can meet the needs
of various temperatures.
Keep food at
a constant temperature and preserve
the original taste of ingredients.

Water Gauge
The water gauge can be clearly viewed,
which is convenient for employees to check
the water content.
Made of high-quality materials,
it has a longer service life and is beautiful.
Humanized Handle
Made of durable materials, it can effectively
prevent scalding and heat.
It feels comfortable
and reduces the burden of handling. Easy to
put and easy to put.
Corn Steamer High Performance

1. High Capacity
It can steam food in large quantities to meet a variety of dining needs.

2. Anti-slip Sesign
Non-slip lid and end handle design. Keep your hands from scalding
while keeping the temperature.

3. Adjustable Thermostat
Adjust the temperature at will to suit the needs of various occasions.

Steamer Steamer Steamer

Humanized Design Steamer
The steamer has good ventilation
and is safe and reliable. Thickened
design, more durable.


Easy to Use
The steamer rack can be placed according to
actual needs, which is easy to use. Easy to
clean due to stainless steel.

Stainless Steel
Safer to eat, to ensure the safety of your
customers’ meals, without affecting the
taste of the food.

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