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Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter

Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter


Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter Features:

● Large roller opening (40mm) with large hard
chrome rollers
● Steel, stainless steel & aluminum
● Easy to remove & clean scraper assemblies
with low replacement cost
● Safety guards with internal safety switching
● Quality food grade conveyor belt (not a
cotton belt)
● No external switches to allow flour entry &
subsequent damage
● Allows easy access in folded position to
conveyor drive-rollers for cleaning



Power Type: Electric
Roll Size:88x650mm
Belt Size:630x2400mm
Net Weight:225kg
Material: Stainless Steel & painting

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Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter

This Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter is perfect for making all types of puff pastry. Such as bread, cakes, egg tarts,
puff pastry, and biscuits. At the same time, dough pieces can be formed quickly, saving you a lot of manual operations.
A variety of control methods, manual lever or foot control. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in bakeries, cake shops, etc.
This machine is made of stainless steel, and the body is sturdy and anti-corrosion, durable. Our best will is to provide you with
premium performance, high rolling efficiency, and a safe Dough Sheet.

Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter –LSP-650R

Efficiently roll all of your dough sheets! Fast speed, low noise, and efficiency to
meet your dough roller needs! The machine is not only fast but also uniform.
So it is a good helper for large dough pieces. The parameters of this machine
are 0.72kW and 220V. And the roll size is 88×650mm. Realize machine operation
and reduce manual operation time!


Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter
Dough Sheeter

Premium conveyor belt
Quality food-grade conveyor belt.
No lint, strong abrasion resistance,
and safety.

Floured trough and safety cover
Dough rolling can be automatically floured.
With safety guards to prevent hand injury.
Stainless steel pressing shaft
Seamless stainless steel with a vertical
brushed surface. Non-stick dough, easy
to clean.
Commercial Dough Sheeter Commercial Dough Sheeter

Control panel
Clear and understandable operation

control panel. One key on/off switch.
With an emergency stop protection
button to ensure your safety.

Adjusting Lever
Adjustable degree of lever, simple operation
by pulling up and down. Stainless steel material,
not easy to corrode, long service life.
Pull up and down to adjust the scale to
precisely control the thickness of 1-40mm.
Easy adjustment, saving time and effort.
Croissant Machine Dough Sheeter

High performance

1 High-quality food-grade conveyor belt with strong
wear resistance.

2. Manual control and foot control, flexible operation.

3. Precise scale display, down to 1mm.



Foot Switch
Control the machine by foot.
Flexible operation.
Movable pulleys for easy transport.

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