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Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet

Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet


Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet Features:

●  Stainless steel construction
●  Thermostat control knob
●  Indicator Lights
●  Gastronorm containers included
●  Durable, heavy-duty food warmer



Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet BV-61
Power Type: Electric
Specification:GN1/1×5 or GN1/2×10
Depth of pan: 100mm
Net Weight:88kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet

Electric Bain Marie With Cabinet  Food Warmer is ideal for storing homemade dishes such as stir-fries, dumplings, soups, and more.
It can help keep delicious food warm and keep dishes fresh. This soup sink has cabinets for easy storage of ingredients and kitchen utensils.
This warmer saves energy and electricity for easy cleaning. Suitable for cafeterias, banquet halls, restaurants, etc. With this Food Warmer,
you can raise the temperature for delicious food for your valued guests.
It is our wish to provide you with excellent performance, efficient and
safe Bain Marie buffet warmers.

Bain Marie–BV-61

Effectively ensure the temperature of the ingredients and maintain
a constant temperature for a long time. Bain Marie is a must for
any busy restaurant or canteen that makes food or soup.
This warm
has GN1/1×5 or GN1/2×10 pans. 100mm depth of Pan. 2.5kW power,
and an adjustable temperature of 30-80℃ to prevent food spoilage.
With this warmer, you can serve delicious meals to your customers.


Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet
bain marie pans
Durable to Use
Food grade serving plate, durable,
anti-corrosion, and rust-proof.
Stainless steel is oil-resistant and
easy to clean. The pan depth reaches
100mm, which can hold a lot of food.
Bain Marie Cabinet Sliding door cabinet
.It is convenient to place various
kitchen utensils, or place ingredients,
etc. Save on buying kitchen cabinets.
Multi-purpose machine.
Bain Marie  

Use for a long time
A high-quality thick heating tube
has a longer service life.
The heating speed is fast,
the heat transfer is fast,
the heating is uniform, and
the heat preservation effect is good.

controller Easy to Use
Temperature range 30-80°C,
independent adjustment, and
free control.With on/off indicator lights
.The temperature can be adjusted according
to the characteristics of the food.
Electric Bain Marie with Cabinet High Performance

The whole machine is thickened stainless steel structure
1. Resistant to oil stains, easier to clean
2. Prevent food from qualitative change and ensure food safety

With cabinet
1. Can store ingredients and kitchen utensils, save space
2. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, saving money on buying shelves

Large capacity disk
1. Can load larger portions of dishes
2. You can match the plate as you like

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