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Electric Food Holding Cabinet

Electric Food Holding Cabinet


Electric Food Holding Cabinet Features:

●  With the whole body made of stainless steel, the machine is simple and elegant, with smooth and flat surface, nice-looking color and dirt-proof design, ensuring easy cleaning.
●  The one stretch forming interior and water pan are made through superb techniques.
●  The natural convection heating mode ensures quick heating and constant and even temperature for keeping food warm.
●  The steam forms during heating will help retain the moisture of food and its taste during the process.
●  The temperature can be accurately adjusted for different food. The newly added automatic safety function can protect both the food and equipment.



XF Electric Food Holding Cabinet XF-10S
Power Type: Electric
Capacity:10 layers
Chamber Size:540x680x1380mm
Net Weight:130kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Electric Food Holding Cabinet

The Electric Food Holding Cabinet can meet the heat preservation needs of a variety of foods and is very suitable for the heat preservation of meat, vegetables,
and soups.
Therefore, it can help us extend the freshness and storage time of food and keep the original taste of dishes. In addition, it can solve the problem of
slow serving and cold dishes. An essential addition to a busy kitchen. Moreover, since the whole machine is made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean. This warmer
is perfect for restaurants, hotels, schools, etc. With this warmer, you can serve delicious food to your valued customers. In addition, due to the 360° all-around
heat preservation, the ingredients stay fresh and retain their original flavor. 

Holding Cabinet–SF-10S

Efficiently keeps all your favorite dishes warm! At the same time, The multi-layer stainless
steel grid rack can place all kinds of tableware. Therefore, large-capacity storage requirements
can be met. Easy-to-understand operation panel. Therefore, it is very convenient to adjust the
temperature and observe the temperature. In addition, the parameters of the machine power
are 2.7kw, 10 layers. So you have plenty of room for food.


Electric Food Holding Cabinet
Holding Cabinet Holding Cabinet Holding Cabinet
The door can be opened quickly with a simple
pull of the door handle.
In addition, stainless steel
handle, is grease, and corrosion-resistant.
Control Panel
There is a rotary thermostat and an intuitive
temperature gauge. It is convenient to control
and observe the temperature.
Cart Handle
The widened handle of the trolley makes it easy
to push the dining trolley. And it won’t burn your hands.
Stainless Steel Pan

High-quality and sturdy mesh rack. The
multi-layer grid has a large space.
There is a stainless steel tray underneath.
The tray is not easily deformed and corroded.
Electric Food Holding Cabinet The Natural Convection Heating
Low noise fan, hydronic heating. Heats quickly
and evenly. With two fans, keep the whole
machine circulating and heating.
Electric Food Holding Cabinet

High Performance

1. Stainless steel body
The stainless steel design of the whole machine is beautiful and easy to clean
2. Humidity
A water tray is placed at the bottom to maintain humidity by natural evaporation
3. Convection mode
Natural convection method, fast heating, and uniform heating
4. Constant temperature
The temperature can be precisely adjusted

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