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Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter

Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter


Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter Feature:

●  Commercial motors.Powerful enough to cut meat quickly. Not easy to get stuck
●  Stainless steel blade.Sharp blade, fast cutting speed
●  Easy to operate.One-key start, no complicated operation



Cutting Thickness:3.5~5mm
Net weight:50kg

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Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter

This Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter is perfect for cutting all kinds of meat, including pork, fish, and beef. At the same time, it can meet the needs of fast slicing
and shredding, saving you a lot of manual operations.
The operation is simple, and it can process a variety of meat in large batches at one time. Therefore, it is
very suitable for use in fast food restaurants, hotels and hot pot restaurants.
This machine is made of stainless steel, the body is strong and anti-corrosion, durable.
Our best wishes are to provide you with a meat cutter that performs well, efficiently slices and is safe.

Fresh Meat Cutting Machine –QS140

Efficiently slices all meats! Fast speed, low noise, high efficiency to meet your meat slicing
and shredding needs! The machine is not only fast but even. So it is a good helper for
handling large batches of meat. The machine parameters are 1.1kW and 220V. The slice
thickness is 3.5-5mm. Achieve machine operation and reduce manual operation time!


Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter
Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter Meat Cutting Fresh Meat Cutting Machine

Feed inlet

Spacious inlet handling for easy handling
of large cuts of meat. Stainless steel inlet,
no contamination of meat.

Premium Cutting Knife Set
High quality blade, cuts sharply and quickly.
The thickness is in the range of 3.5-5mm.
The stainless steel material is easy to clean
and durable.
Toothed stainless steel blade
Reduce the resistance of meat cutting and
prevent the machine from jamming. The meat
is evenly cut and the meat comes out quickly.
Fresh Meat Slicer And Cutter

High performance

1. Commercial motors
Powerful enough to cut meat quickly. Not easy to get stuck

2. Stainless steel blade
Sharp blade, fast cutting speed

3. Easy to operate
One-key start, no complicated operation



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