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Gas Radiant Charbroiler-Cooking Size:550x520mm

Gas Radiant Charbroiler-Cooking Size:550x520mm


Gas Radiant Charbroiler Features:
●  Independently controlled, heat evenly
●  Continuous pilot for instant ignition
●  Features reversible, cast iron top grates
●  Heavy-duty, adjustable feet provide stability
●  Made of durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel
●  Includes a waste tray for an easy cleanup

Gas Radiant Charbroiler LR-RG-24A
Power Type: Gas
Heat power:29.3MJ/h
Cooking Surface:550x520mm
Net Weight:94kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Gas Radiant Charbroiler

The  Gas Radiant Charbroiler construction is stainless steel, with uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, and rapid temperature rise.
As a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel, it perfectly interprets the property of being durable and free from oil stains.
To meet the large demand, the 800x520mm super large operation grill can simultaneously produce a variety of ingredients,
and the amount of barbecue can be easily met.


Gas Radiant Charbroiler Multifunction

For producing various delicious health food, such as roast Huajia, roast oysters, roast meat string, roast vegetables, roast
pig feet, roast fish, and so on. It is applicable to cafeterias, hotels, barbecue shops, canteen, and other places.
And the machine is environmental-friendly nonstick coating and circulating heating technology make smokeless barbecue healthier.

Gas Radiant Charbroiler

This product comes with six high-energy burners and independent controllers,
The temperature can be adjusted freely to meet the temperature
requirements of different foods.


Evenly heated, the grilled food is crisp and tender, and the
color is mellow. High-efficiency heating and thermal insulation
system make the manufacturing process convenient and fast.
Environmental-friendly nonstick coating and circulating heating
technology makes smokeless barbecue healthier.

Cast iron grill
Firstly, it has strong thermal conductivity and is
not easy to touch food materials,
and the food is heated evenly; Secondly
is that the machine baffle can be
disassembled and matched with
the stretching fillet design, which greatly
improves the flexibility of cleaning.
Multi-gear temperature control
Multiple gears adjust the temperature,
which can be controlled independently,
efficient and energy-saving, accurate
temperature control.
Gas Inlet
We can provide different air inlets to match
the different countries’ requirements.

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