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Gastronorm Chiller With Glass Door

Gastronorm Chiller With Glass Door


●50mm insulation for increased energy efficiency.
●Forced air cooling ensures consistent internal temperatures.
●Adjustable shelving with anti-tilt protection.
●Advanced electronic control provides temperature display, ease of set point control, and condenser blockage Alam.
●Optional castor/Rollers.


Gastronorm Chiller
Power Type: Electric
Net Weight:117kg
Cooling System: Fan Cooling
Material: Stainless Steel

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Gastronorm Chiller With Glass Door 550L

The Gastronorm Chiller With Door is a ventilated system,the evaporator is in a separate insulated box on the top.all the materials used in the manufacture
of this unit are guaranteed to be suitable for foodstuffs,And its come with automatic defrost function.
All designed it for your convenience to Properly storing food.

Gastronorm Chiller With Glass Door Gastronorm Chiller With Glass Door
Easy to operate
After connecting the power power supply,press the
“Power” switch on the controller light on), the fridge
will come to work.the microcomputer controller,installed
in the controller keyboard, could automatically adjust the
temperature ranges.this intelligent digital controller
works as: if the temperature increases and reachs set
point value again.
Come with the fan
Can send the cold air to every corner.
Removable Shelves
Units come with shelves that resist corrosion and hold
up to 90 lb. each.Removable shelf clips allows you to
place your shelves based on exact needs. The shelf clips
also its sutiable for the GN pans.
Gastronorm Chiller With Glass Door
Built to Last and Large capacity
Designed with a 201 stainless steel door and exterior
sides,the unit features a sleek appearance that’s
matched with its ability to withstand busy, heavy-use
kitchens.Large capacity for convenient storage of
various foods that need to be stored.
Streamlined handle
Not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean.
Self-closing Doors
The self-closing doors are designed with magnetic door
gaskets that close securely. Your staff will be able to work
quickly while not having to worry about closing the
refrigerator doors
Casters optional 
Casters optional its more convenient mobility, making cleaning
and servicing a breeze! Just roll the unit away from the wall.
Easy maintenance
The compressor set on the top of the machine,
when you need maintenance , just open the cover.



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