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Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

Heavy Duty Commercial Blender


Heavy Duty Commercial Blender Features:

● This high-performance with drive coupling is made entirely of metal to give your customers the smoothest, most delicious margaritas or daiquiris they’ve ever had!
● This blender features convenient measurement markings on the container so you can easily and accurately measure ingredients for the perfect mix.
● Pulse, the stainless steel blade design continuously forces your mixture into the blades, ensuring that there are never chunks of ice or other product left over at the end of the blending process.



Net Weight:4.0kg

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Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

The Heavy-Duty Commercial Blender has high power and 10 different speeds to handle various types of materials. Stir, chop, and mash. You get the
perfect texture, consistency, and smoothness in shakes, smoothies, nut butter, soups, milk, hummus, or dips. With up to 25000 RPM, it crushes ice faster
and blends ingredients smoother than other blenders. And the silicone base can be cushioned to reduce noise. Providing you with excellent performance,
high efficiency, and a safe Commercial Blender is our best will.

Commercial Blender–BL-767

Efficiently mix various types of materials! This mixer can achieve smooth mixing,
25000 RPM motor mixes evenly from top to bottom. You no longer have to stop
blending, remove the lid, and manually push ingredients down toward the blades.
Moreover, the thickened PP mixing cup is more durable, has a longer lifespan, and
is not easily scratched. We use the safest materials to keep your food safe.


Heavy Duty Commercial Blender
Commercial Blender Heavy Duty Commercial Blender Commercial Blender
Motor base
Adopting a maximum 1.5kW high-horsepower
motor with a speed up to 25000 RPM, compared
with other blenders, it crushes ice faster and
blends ingredients more smoothly.

Thickened cup

Thickened cup with a capacity of 2 liters. Make sure
the mug is heat and chemical resistant, while the
thickened design prevents it from being damaged
or deformed over time, not easily scratched, safe,
and explosion-proof.
Variable speed control & pulse
10-speed control, strong explosive power –
adjust the speed during the mixing process
to obtain different degrees of stirring juice.
Use the pulse function to create quick bursts
of power
Crushing blades Crushing blades
The ice-crushing blades are made
of tough stainless steel to withstand
the wear and tear of everyday use.
Preserve the nutrition of ingredients.
Realize high-speed and rapid crushing.

Crushing blades Material
The stainless steel blades and rings
are made of durable, safe materials
that are built to last. They are quiet
and easy to clean. The peace of mind
that comes with having a quality
blade and ring.

Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

High Performance

1. High efficiency and low noise
Silicone base cushions the blender to reduce noise
2. Powerful motor
With high power and 10 different speeds, it can handle
various types of ingredients

3. Safe material
We use the safest materials to keep your food safe

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