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Pizza Dough Roller

Pizza Dough Roller


Pizza Dough Roller Features:

●  Only 3 seconds per pizza base.
●  Thickness adjustment range from 1 to 4 mm.
●  250 crusts per hour of uniform thickness and shape
●  Two pairs of adjustable rollers,to get a sheet of dough as many milimeres thick as you like,and for obtaining a round sheet
●  A system of lower rollers and an idle roller favour the process of putting the dough into the machine
●  Designed to cold work the dough so as not to alter it’s characteris cs.



Pizza Diameter:10 to 40cm
Maximum Capacity:20~700g for pizza base
20~1400g for dough presser
Net Weight:40kg

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Pizza Dough Roller

This Pizza Dough Roller is perfect for anything from signature pizzas to scratched pastries. Such as Pie Crusts, Pitas, and Tortillas.
It is ideal for Bakeries, Pizzerias, and Restaurants. It only takes 3 seconds to make each pizza base. Over 250 pizzas of thickness
and shape can be made per hour. So Automatic dough roller reduces the amount of manual labor. Constructed of stainless steel
construction, the body is durable and easy to clean. Food-grade edible resin roller to ensure food safety. Our best will is to provide
you with premium performance, high rolling efficiency, and a safe pizza dough roller.

Pizza Dough Roller–APD-40

Efficiently roll all your pizza dough and other dough, with the Pizza Dough Roller! Dough Rollers
are a must for any busy pizzeria or bakery that makes pies, pizzas, or calzones. Eliminate the
tedious process of manually rolling out dough by using an automatic dough roller that will yield
perfect, consistent results every time. The pizza made by this dough maker is 10-40cm in
diameter. And the maximum capacity is 20~700g for the pizza base/20~1400g for the dough


Pizza Dough Roller
Pizza Dough Roller Pizza Dough Roller

High Capacity
The roller is smooth, and the pressed
dough cake has a uniform thickness
and a beautiful shape. 
Multi-level refinement dial
The roller is smooth, and the pressed
dough cake has a uniform thickness
and a beautiful shape. 
Food-grade safety resin roller
Corrosion resistance is not easy to age,
so safety is high. And it can effectively
prevent secondary contamination of food.
Pizza Dough Roller High performance

1. Clear plastic cover.
Prevent foreign objects from entering, and better place
the dough to enter.

2. Food Safety
Made of stainless steel and food-safe resin rollers to ensure food safety.

3. Two rollers
Two pairs of adjustable rollers can adjust the thickness of the dough arbitrarily.



Control panel
Clear and easy-to-understand operation panel.
A simple “on/off” switch is located on the front
of the unit. Easy to switch.

Fan Hole
Two air vents prevent the machine
from overheating, which better heat

Sturdy Body
It is made of sturdy food-grade stainless
steel with non-slip rubber feet for a sturdy

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