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Solid Door Under Bench Chiller

Solid Door Under Bench Chiller

Model: D-2AH

Solid Door Under Bench Chiller Features:

●  CFC-free refrigerant and foam.Stainless steel framework construction.
●  Electronic thermostat and LED digital display.
●  Automatic defrosting, automatic evaporation of defrost water.
●  Bottom with round edges for easy sanitation.
●  Temperature Range:2~8°C.



Working Chillers
Power Type: Electric
Number of Shelves:7xGN1/3

Net Weight:106kg
Cooling System: Fan Cooling
Material: Stainless Steel

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Solid Door Under Bench Chiller

Solid Door Under Bench Chiller is your best assistant when handling perishable items from ingredients or final products. Thus, This product was
developed to withstand heavy use in restaurants, delis, and bars. Owing to Our storage freezer has a powerful fan-forced cooling function. So it
can do the job of cold storage, preservation, storage, and ice table well. Thus, it is ideal for storing meat, dairy, live seafood, dairy products,
desserts or fresh produce, and beverages. Also, Providing you with excellent performance, high cooking efficiency, and a safe Vegetable Working
is our best will.

Solid Door Vegetable Working Chillers–D-2AH

Efficiently refrigerate your unprocessed ingredients for longer-lasting freshness
and productive work on the countertop!
Because the overall body is made of
stainless steel. So it is solid and durable, preventing food from corroding the
workbench. And, easy to clean. Also, The parameters of this refrigeration
equipment are 400W power, 260L capacity, 4*GN1/1 Shelves,7*GN1/3
Bain Marie Shelves, and Fan Cooling.


Solid Door Under Bench Chiller
Solid Door Under Bench Chiller
High Capacity
The total capacity is 260L. Also, the top
shelf holds 7xGN1/3. The layout is reasonable,
and you can put all kinds of ingredients at will.
Stainless steel material
Because the whole machine is made of
stainless steel, with long service life,
strong corrosion resistance,
and pressure resistance.
Large-capacity and large-space lockers,
adjustable shelf height, safe and stable.
Thus, Meet the storage needs of various
food materials

Control panel

Simple operation.one-button switch.
And, temperature adjustment. The
temperature is 2-8°C. Also, The
liquid crystal display shows the
real-time temperature accurately.

Fan cooling system
Because of uniform fan conditioning,
bid farewell to manual defrosting.
Also, reduce power consumption
and thermal resistance.
Solid Door Under Bench Chiller

High Performance

1. Fan cooling technology
Fast cooling, and long-lasting heat retention. Also, full release for three-dimensional
circulating airflow

2. The whole machine is made of stainless steel
Thus, sturdy and durable, with a strong bearing capacity. Also, corrosion-resistant
and easy to clean

3. Mix and match
Because of upgraded commercial large-capacity, reasonable layout. So ingredients
can be put at the will

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