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Spiral mixer 60L

Spiral mixer 60L


Dough Mixer Features:

● CE and ETL Listed
● Stepless speed controller spiral mixer, you don’t need to stop the machine from changing the speed.
● The speed range from 100~240r/min, the big speed range can mix the flour more finely.
● Single phase and three phases optional, come with the timer and emergency button.
● Belt and gear transmission system, Copper motor, powerful and quiet,wear-resisting opti belt.
● Capacity from 10L to 60L, Safety switch, and motor overload protection.


Dough Mixer Specifications

60L Comercial Spiral Mixer
Mixing speed:100~240r/min
Maxing kneading capacity:25kg
Net Weight:130kg
Size:60L Spiral Mixer

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LB Series Spiral Mixer Come With Stepless Speed Controler


This Stepless Speed Controler Spiral Mixer has a big capacity of 20L to 60L, This Machine’s biggest feature it’s you can
change the speed with nonstop machine. Also, it can make a single phase no matter for 10L or 60L.

it counts with a pure copper motor it’s very fast and can achieve rapid rolling into a ball and Pumpkin shape, and the
use effect has been praised by users for many years since the gap between the hook and bowl is less than 5mm,
which allows it to obtain the best dough kneading performance. Whether
you’re prepping pizzas, cookies, or
bread, The LB Spiral Mixer Machine is a durable powerful machine every kitchen needs, it works its hardest
and never gets tired!

LB Series Spiral Mixer

When you use the linkrich dough mixer to prepare your
dough, the proportion of flour to water is 2:1. Water is
half the weight of flour.

Thanks to the dough Mixer is made from cast iron, so it
won’t shake at all even when working at its full load.
And the mixer gears are durable, noiseless, and
not easily worn down, The pure copper motor
provides high torque and performance, low
noise, and calorific value, Automotive spray
painting avoids fading for years.

Spiral Mixer Stepless Speed Controler
sprial mixer dough mixer dough mixer

Integrated emergency stop, motor
overload protection, cover opening
protection and bowl sliding protection
ensure the operator’s safety.

Easy Control 
Come with emergency stop control,
Speed control, Timer, and power no
switch, and timer, and it”s easy to use.
Integrated emergency stop,
motor overload protection, cover
opening protection, and bowl
sliding protection ensures the
operator’s safety.
Spiral Mixer Stepless Speed Controler Belt and Chain System
This Stepless Speed Controler Spiral Mixer comes
with a belt and chain system, It runs with less
noise and is safer and more durable.
All the Construction
is steel and comes with rubber feet, also you can choose
different colors of paint.

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