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Ingredient Mixing Machine

Ingredient Mixing Machine


●  A machine for the professional,busy butcher or farm shop
●  Blender rotate quickly to ensure uniform blending
●  All the sparts contacting the food directly are made of stainless steel
●  With the four wheel,it is convenient to move
●  Working smoothly and low noise

Power: 1.5 kw
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50Hz
Production Capacity: 70 L
Net Weight: 178 kg
Overall Dimensions:850x500x1100mm

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Stainless Steel Ingredient Mixing BX70A

 Ingredient Mixing machine is a necessary equipment for mixing materials. It has high efficiency and is easy to operate.
Our mixer can mix filling, loose and paste materials. After mixing, the filling viscosity is increased and it is elastic. The special fan-shaped mixer can soften the
filling while stirring. Compared with the domestic similar products, it can significantly improve the work efficiency. It is the main equipment for food production.
Secondly, the machine is equipped with forward and reverse operation, which can meet the requirements of different mixing processes. The paddle structure
is also suitable for mixing various fillings.
The Ingredient Mixing Machine most important thing is that the food contact and appearance parts are made of stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene requirements. It has a great guarantee for our food processing.

Stuffing machine

Made of stainless steel, strong and easy to clean. Stuffing machine
equipment is stable in operation. The machine is equipped with two
shafts for mixing,
which can be changed in forward and reverse directions. The four
mixing modes greatly improve the mixing speed and effect. The
materials can be evenly mixed, and the discharging is convenient
and the operation is simple.

Fixed roller
Select high strength and high hardness
stainless steel, which can pull down and
clamp the axis to ensure the stable and
smooth operation of the machine

More efficient
Paddle type rotating gear, uniform mixing, no
dead angle.The spiral tooth arrangement makes
the material mix more evenly and the single
charge more
Use safety
Fixed rolling barrel helps us place raw
materials more stably

Jointed arm
In addition, there is a door lid handle,
adjust the thickness baffle, adjust the
saw blade loose handle.

Visual panel
It is convenient for us to observe the mixing
state and determine the mixing degree
Convenient switch
Convenient stainless steel waterproof control
panel, easy to operate and control
You can use it with confidence
First. Equipped with automatic discharging device to reduce labor intensity;
Second. The auger is equipped with a spiral tooth arrangement, and the impeller is cross type,
which is more suitable for mixing dry materials, so that the materials are mixed more evenly
and the single loading amount is more;

Third. The clearance between the impeller edge and the hopper is 5mm, so the mixing is more
uniform and there is no dead angle;

Fourth. With three layers of sealing protection, the service life of the equipment is longer and
the cleaning is more convenient.


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