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Standing Gas Deep Fryers

Standing Gas Deep Fryers


Standing Gas Deep Fryers Features:

●  Powerful standing fryer with stainless steel lid
●  Hygienic, safe and easy to clean
●  Ideal for chips and countless other deep-fry fast-foods
●  Adjustable thermostatic control
●  Basket included
●  With drain valve for easy drain oil
●  1.0mm stainless steel tank




Power Type: Gas
Net Weight:38kg
Material:Stainless Steel

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Standing Gas Deep Fryers

17×2L Standing Gas Fryers is ideal for chips, chicken, and countless other deep-fry fast foods.
It can help us cook delicious food efficiently, save cooking time, save energy and electricity, and facilitate cleaning.
This gas fryer is suitable for delis, fried chicken shops, sandwich shops, etc. With this gas fryer, you can fry different foods for
your distinguished guest. Also, heat up faster and lasts longer due to the unique heat transfer tube design.
Providing you with excellent performance, high frying efficiency, and a safe frying machine is our best will.

17×2L Standing Gas Deep Fryers–LR-GF-172

Efficiently fry all of your most popular appetizers,
sides, and snacks with the standing gas deep fryers!
The gas deep fryer can adjust the fire switch to control
the firepower and make the operation more convenient.

The parameters of this gas deep fryer are 41.6MJ/h power,
17×2L capacity,2800 Gas Pressure to ensure you have
enough space and
heat for thorough cooking.


Standing Gas Deep Fryers
Standing Gas Deep Fryers
Adjustable thermostatic control
With a sensitive temperature
controller,60-200℃ multi-level
temperature control can be
adjusted at will,and the
temperature control is more
Standing Gas Deep Fryers High-quality basket
High-quality stainless steel frying
basket can withstand long-term
contact with hot oil, not easy to
rust, and not easy to deform,
providing customers with good
looking and delicious fried food.
Standing Gas Deep Fryers

High Performance

1. Fast heating
Heat evenly, greatly improve the heat utilization rate,
meet the needs of fast frying, and reduce the waiting of customers.
2. High capacity
17×2L large-capacity oil tank, large frying space, can meet
the needs of large portions and various fried foods.
3. Portable lid
Protect your hands from getting burned.

Standing Gas Deep Fryers Standing Gas Deep Fryers Standing Gas Deep Fryers
Easy to Use
The battery is placed where it can
be easily replaced.
Fashion and beautiful
appearance, easy to clean service life.
Safe to change the oil
The mature oil-draining technology of
mid-to-high-end models are adopted,
and the oil-drain valve device is newly
added, which is safe and durable, does
not leak oil, and is safe to change the oil.
Safe to Use
The gas inlet valve is durable,
Not easy to damage, add gas
Safer and more reliable to use
longer. Adjust your gas at will
required and ensure gas safety.

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