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Standing Meat Mincer TC-52AE

Standing Meat Mincer TC-52AE


Standing Meat Mincer Features:

● Ideal for small butcher shops,delis and restaurants.
● Includes replacement knife,plastic pusher,meat tray,grinder plates.
● Using a low speed and high torque process, the food retains all of its nutrients after it has been processed.
● The head and body structures are separate, allowing for a much easier clean and safer product to the customer’s health.
● Copper gear-driven transmission, making it incredibly durable.



Production Capacity:1200kg/h
Net Weight:285kg
Material:Stainless Steel

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Standing Meat Mincer

Standing Meat Mincer is a meat processing enterprise that processes granular meat fillings with different specifications according to
different process requirements in the production process, so as to fully mix with other auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different
products. It is widely used in various sausages, ham sausage, lunch meat, meatballs, salty essence, pet food, and other meat products.

The operation process of the Meat Mincer is that the raw meat is chopped by the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting edge and
the hole edge on the orifice plate, and the raw material is continuously discharged from the machine under the screw extrusion force. According
to different material properties and processing requirements, corresponding tools and orifice plates can be configured to process particles of
different sizes to meet the process requirements of the next process.

Also, Meat Mincer is made of 304 stainless steel thickened plates, which can be washed directly after use, which is convenient and practical. 
It has no pollution to the processing materials and meets the food hygiene standards. Moreover, after special heat treatment, the tool has
excellent wear resistance and long service life.

In a word, our Meat Mincer performance is very cost-effective. If you need it, please choose us.

Meat grinder–TC-52AE

Our machine operates at 380V, with an output power of 5.5KW. At the same time,
the advantages of this machine are power saving, durability, convenience and fast,
compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low
power consumption, easy cleaning, and maintenance, safety, and health. Adopt fully
enclosed gear transmission, compact structure, stable operation, reliable operation,
and convenient maintenance.

Thus, pure copper motors, have long life, and silent ball bearing. The meat mincer
head and parts contacting food are made of high-grade stainless steel, safe and
pollution-free; The shell line is smooth, and there are no gaps that can hide dirt
and no sharp edges that harm the operator, and it is easy to clean.

Standing Meat Mincer
Meat grinder Meat Mincer Commercial Meat Mincer
Stainless steel bead
The blade adopts high-tech blade, quenching
hard and strong, cutting size is uniform
and work
efficiency is high
Protective outlet
Protect your hands and make
your operation safer
Connecting pipes
Smooth inner wall of stainless steel pipe,
reducing food stickiness, firm and hard
to fall off
Meat Mincer controller
Receiving basin
Large receiving basin, humanized design,
directly hold meat, convenient for our
Convenient button
The control device is simple and easy to use,
and the blade and the meat table switch
are separated independently
Moving pulley
It is more labor-saving when we move the
meat grinder.The buckle can help us fix the
locked position of the machine
Standing Meat Mincer


Meat Mincer is simple to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean,
and has a wide
range of processed products. After the processing of materials, the
original nutritional components can be well maintained, and
the preservation effect
is good. The cutter set is a fixed valve, and the cutter can be adjusted or
according to the actual use requirements.


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