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Bread Mixer

Bread Mixer


A good quality bread mixer is very important. In today’s mechanized bread-making process, mixing is the best way
to reflect the pros and cons of personal skill. Recognizing this and trying to find the optimal state of the dough through
the perception of the eyes, nose, hands, ears, etc. is the key to success or failure in bread baking.


The quality of the bread depends on the mixture. In baking bread, stirring means mixing flour and water and then
combining them to form a strong gluten, forming a bubble film with oil, which can effectively retain the carbon
dioxide produced by baker’s yeast.


Mixed purpose.


There are three main goals of kneading:
the first is the uniform distribution and mixing of raw materials,
the second is the injection of air into the dough,
and the third is to obtain a dough with moderate elasticity and moderate extensibility.


In the baking machine, the purpose of low-speed mixing is mainly to disperse and mix raw materials,
especially to fully disperse trace additives such as baker’s yeast and yeast nutrients, which is an indispensable
factor for even bread fermentation. On the other hand, the purpose of a medium-high stirring speed is to mix
air into the dough (with the air contained in the dough as a core, in order to collect the carbon dioxide produced
by the baker’s yeast. If less air is mixed in the dough, the number of air bubbles will be less, so you get a dough
with large pores), the resulting dough has moderate elasticity and good extensibility. How to fully and efficiently
use the protein found in wheat flour to form gluten while conserving the carbon dioxide produced by
baker’s yeast is the key to making good bread.

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