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How to choose a Supermarket Showcase?

How to choose a Supermarket Showcase?


Showcases are a very important piece of equipment for displaying food in supermarkets.
Different types of food require different showcases to optimise the presentation, as well as the different temperatures to maintain the product for freshness.
Usually supermarket areas have service counters, open showcases and island showcases.
Service counter–Temperature Range:-2℃~8℃
Perfect for showcasing meat, sushi, milk and other chilled products


Open showcase–Temperature Range:2℃~10℃
Ideal for showcasing bottled drinks, fruits and vegetables

Island showcase –Temperature Range:-22℃~20℃
Great for showcasing ice cream, dumplings, seafood and other frozen products

Things to consider when looking at showcases, be sure to consider the temperature you require,what food you want to display, and the size you want. Supermarket cabinets can be customized according to your needs in size and temperature.
The compressor can also be placed internally or externally on some models.

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