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Link To The World,Win In The Future!

At the invitation of our company, a group of 32 representatives from 8 countries visited our exhibition hall last week,
which is located in Tian’an Science and Technology Industrial Park. Their visit is guided by the Guangdong Import and
Export Chamber of Commerce and the International Machinery and Business Administration.

After a simple check-in ceremony, MR.KONG , deputy general manager of our company, on behalf of China Linkrich Machinery Development Co., Ltd., made an introduction to all the guests  about the company history and its core strength,
also gave an better understanding of the company and its products through interaction with the guests.

Our colleagues of Marketing Department operated the dough machine, mixer, oven, vegetable cutter and cold drinker on the spot. By showing visually the whole process of production, guests could have a better understanding of the products face to face.

In order to give a better understanding of our products, all the bakery food served to the representatives were made by our own machines.

In the process of free visits, our commercial department and marketing department provided an one-to-one service to each guest,
replied every question in detail

Finlly,the visit came to a close satisfactorily and all of us took a group photo as ending.

With the help of visiting activities organized by the Chamber of Commerce, China Linkrich showed advantages of China-made products in terms of performance, price and service. With the help of the state’s vigorous efforts to promote the “Belt and Road Initiative”, we will seize the opportunity,  maximize our advantages, seek for cooperation, develop and consolidate the international trade market of food machinery. Every staff of China Linkrich will provide their customers with best products and services.

Develop China’s smart manufacturing, link to the world, win in the future!

We are ready!

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