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LINKRICH has turned 20 years old!


For the past 20 years, we have been very grateful to all our customers for your support and help -we are looking forward to growing together with all our friends in the next 20 years!

For the past two decades, we have not forgetten our commitment and principles. We are constantly upgrading products through our customer’s feedback,

flexibility to be able to adapt to variable conditions and an ever-changing environment. Further, we have been continually developing new products,
keeping up with the latest techniques and trends to remain at the forefront of the industry.

We have a professional and well-trained team. We have been working together, laughing together and growing up together, just like a family, so that we

can create a better business thanks to our flexible work culture and perfect learning atmosphere in the company.

Thanks again for your support and help, we will make persistent efforts and continue to provide you the same high-quality products and service that you have come to expect from Linkrich. Let’s work and grow together!

Finally, thanks a lot to all and we wish you all the very best!

Looking forward to another 20 years with you~~

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