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LINKRICH Kitchen Projects

If you have a kitchen Project, what can you do?


For the kitchen project, firstly, to find a designer to design drawings, and then buy different products from different suppliers.

Maybe this is not the best solution.


LINKRICH can help you solve all problems in one stop.


we have accumulated a wide range of products and attentive customer service to fulfill the needs of our customers, offering a “one-stop shop” where customers can find everything they need for their kitchen plan.


We can do:


1) According to your kitchen size design drawings, plan the area and functional equipment reasonably.

2) Equip you with the best quality products at exceptional prices.

3) Monitor production, inspection, and packaging throughout the process

4) Arrange for shipment and cooperate with customs clearance.

5) Help you solve installation and after-sales needs online at any time.



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