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Automatic Dough Divider CG-36

Automatic Dough Divider CG-36


Automatic Dough Divider Features:

● With dough dividers, you can quickly form consistent and repeat able lumps of dough to bake the perfect bread loaves and buns.
● The Dividing Machine can process dough into 36 pcs, each ranging from 30grams up to 120 grams.
● Stainless steel cutting knives.
● Hydraulic system for gentle dough treatment and perfect products.
● With four wheel,it is convenient to move.



Dividing Weight:30-180g/pcs
Net Weight:193kg
Size:80L Spiral Mixer
Material: Stainless Steel

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Automatic Dough Divider

This Automatic Dough Divider adopts a mechanical structure, and the machine operation is simple and convenient, without manual operation, and
can be used in any environment. The accurate weight of the pieces can greatly shorten the working time and is very suitable for handling all types of
yeast-leavened dough such as bread, cake, tortilla, pizza, and biscuit. At the same time, you can quickly form consistent and repeatable dough pieces
to bake perfect loaves and loaves. So it can save you a lot of manual work. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in bakeries, cake shops, etc. This machine
is made of stainless steel, and the body is strong and anti-corrosion, durable. Our best intention is to provide you with premium performance, high cutting
efficiency, and a safe Bakery Dough Divider.

Dough Divider –CG-36

Divide all your dough and bread efficiently with the Dough Divider! Just place a
large piece of dough into the operating area, press the start button, and the
machine can be operated to evenly distribute the dough. Automatic face divider
for easy face splitting into 36 equal portions, each weighing 30 to 120 grams.
Fast speed, low noise, and high efficiency, to meet your subdivision needs!



Automatic Dough Divider
Automatic Dough Divider
Healthy material
The core components that are in direct
contact with
the dough is made of food-
grade stainless steel
and PP, which is
healthy, safe and hygienic, and
secure to use.36pcs can be divided into
pieces at a time

controller Control Panel
Clear and understandable operation
control panel. Switch knob, and power
indicator light. The operation is very
There is no complicated process.
Automatic Dough Divider

High Performance

The segments are uniform, complete, and non-sticky, avoiding
the problem of unequal sizes caused by manual segmentation.
Adopt 304 stainless steel divider blade and dough press plate,
meet food quality requirements, easy to clean, and are durable.
The machine is not only fast but even. so it’s a great helper for
large dough pieces. The parameter of this machine is 36 pcs/time,
and the split weight is 30~120g/pcs. Truly realize automatic
operation to free hands and reduce manual operation time!



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