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Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller

Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller


Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller Features:

● Proven concept threat the dough gently and make perfect round rolls
● The machine is on wheel and it comes standard with three synthetic
● Features of the innovative machines are the optimum ease of
operation, with minimum effort, and high hourly production
combined with a perfect baking result
● With permanent lubrication to protect transmission, this unit
requires minimum maintenance
● Dividing and rounding are carried out in a semi-automatic way
● Very precise in the dividing and weight range produces a perfect
rounded dough piece
● The shafts and moving parts are perfectly submerged in an oil bath




The Total  weight of Dough:3kg
Dividing Weight:30~100g/pcs
Net Weight:368kg
Brand: Linton
Material: Iron painting

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Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller

This Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller are ideal for handling all types of yeast-leavened dough
such as bread, loaves, tortillas, pizzas, and biscuits. At the same time, you can quickly form consistent and
repeatable lumps of dough to bake the perfect bread loaves and buns. So it can save you a lot of manual
operations. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in bakeries, cake shops, etc. This machine is made of stainless
steel, and the body is sturdy and anti-corrosion, durable. Our best will is to provide you with premium performance,
high cutting efficiency, and a safe Bun Divider and Roller.

Bun Divider and Roller–LRK-30

Efficiently divide and roll all of your dough and bun, with the Dough Divider!
Fast speed, low noise, and efficiency to meet your dough divider needs!
The machine is not only fast but also uniform. So it is a good helper for
large dough pieces. The parameters of this machine are 0.75kW, and 380V.
And the dividing weight is 30-100g/pcs. Semi-automatic operation truly
liberates your hands and reduces manual operation time!


Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller
Bun Divider and Roller Bun Divider and Roller Bun Divider and Roller

Split Press Knife
Turn to the right to divide the tablet.
Once formed, the divided dough will
be accurate in size.

Die holder
Able to evenly divide the dough well and
round the dough. After dividing and rounding,
the small dough has the same weight.
Press the lever to start the machine. Easy to
operate, shake, and round. It only takes 10-20s
to shape.
Semi-Automatic Bun Divider and Roller

How to use

1. Spread the dough on the pan.

2. Press the upper lever and move the splitting
knife to the right.

3. Start the machine, shake and roll the circle.

4. According to the degree of dough softness,
10-20s to complete the work.



Control panel
Clear and easy-to-understand operation
panel. On and off button, power indicator
light.The operation is very simple and there
is no complicated process.
Gram adjustment lever
The weight of the dough can be adjusted
by the gram adjustment lever. Easily change
your desired dough weight.

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