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Automatic Meat Slicer

Automatic Meat Slicer


Automatic Meat Slicers Feature:

●   It can widely used to cut frozen meat,cheese.  The oblique knife can cut frozen meat and cheese.
●  It’s suited to large restaurants, supermarkets,delicatessens and butcher shops where high volume slicing is required for different varieties of meats.
●  Manufactured from anodized aluminium with clean lines, the machine features a built-in sharpening head and blade ring-guard.
●  With sharpener, which helps to use more convennient.
●  The model with“A”,has three safety locks to protect the users.



Max Slicing Size:160x150mm
Slicing Thickness:0-12mm
Net Weight:16kg

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Automatic Meat Slicer With Safety Locks

The best Automatic Meat Slicer can make it so easy to enjoy flawlessly sliced meats in your own recipes and dishes, thus reducing the trouble of
general meat preparation. Our company’s Meat Slicer device is suitable for large restaurants, cooked food shops, and meat shops, where different
kinds of meat require a large number of slices. The advantages are that the feed-cutting production speed is fast, the opponent is harmless, and time
and labor are saved.

Magnesium aluminum alloy is used in the appearance material. The shell has strong consistency, and complete connection, and is not easily scratched by
polishing. It is durable, does not react with food, and does not affect its flavor. The blade part itself is made of special hardened 304 stainless steel, which
is different from other slicers using ordinary alloy blades on the market. Due to the chemical reaction between food and blades, ordinary blades will rust
after several months of use.

Another very useful feature is the integrated automatic sharpening tool on top of the slicer. You can grind the blade at any time. Just turn the grinding
wheel on the blade, start the machine and press the button. This ensures that you get a sharp and beautiful cut every time.

In addition, there is a very obvious advantage in that the groove design of the meat-cutting plate prevents the meat from sticking to the surface, so that
the meat is more complete and the molding effect is better.

In short, the device is very durable and powerful. Its special hardened steel blade can easily cut cheese, ham, and any frozen meat. The built-in automatic
sharpener ensures that the blade remains sharp within the service life of the machine.


Automatic Meat Slicer-250mm

Our Meat Slicer operates at 220V, with an output power of 320W.
where high-volume slicing is required for different varieties of meats.
It is suitable for cutting boneless meat. Raw materials are cut into
sheets and can be automatically rolled.

It can be widely used for cutting fresh meat, frozen meat and cheese.
Because a straight knife can only be used to cut meat and cheese.
The oblique knife can cut cold frozen meat and cheese. It is easy to
complete the work of slicing. It can avoid such problems as high labor
cost, low efficiency, uneven thickness and difficulty in achieving uniform

Automatic Meat Slicers
Semi-Automatic Meat Slicer Slicer Machine

Barbed meat plate
Fully automatic operation,more
solid meat clamping, completely
liberate our hands.


Thickness adjustment knob
The thickness adjustment knob with
scale can adjust.
The thickness adjustable
range is 0-12mm thick.

Grooved meat cutting board
The meat cutting is more complete
and the molding effect is better.
electric slicer

Inclined stage
The meat slicer tray with enough
space for use also its removable
for thorough cleaning at the end
ofday use.

Automatic Meat Slicers  


Built-in sharpening head, blade ring-
guard with a sharpener, which helps
to use it more conveniently.Remove
the sharpener and the machine will
shut down automatically

Strengthen fixation
Ensure the strong connection of the
machine and ensure the safety and
firmness of the use process.

Semi-Automatic Meat Slicer Rubber foot
The machine comes with a rubber
which is non-slip its sticks tightly to
desktop during the operation.
Automatic Meat Slicers


The machine its made of anodized aluminum with clean lines is robust, and easy to clean.
The shell has strong consistency, and complete connection, polishing, and polishing are not
easy to scratch and durable, and will not react with food or affect its flavor.
It’s suited to large restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens, and butcher shops 


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