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Commercial Coffee Grinder

Commercial Coffee Grinder


Commercial Coffee Grinder Features:

● Commercial coffee grinder with All Aluminum alloy cast dispenser,
right/left-hand handle.

● Extra wide dosing capability from as low as 5gr to 10+gr per dose.
● Specially hardened tooling steel grindstones
● Micro-adjust the table for accurate grinding
● 3 optional colors: Black Red and Silver
● Semi-Automatic (T): Timer (max. 5 minutes) control
● Certifications: CE, Sanitation listed



Bean Hopper Capacity:90kg
Grinding Capacity:1.8kg/h
Dispenser Capacity:250g
Dispensing capacity:250g/cup
Colour: Red/Black/White

Net Weight:12.7kg

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Commercial Coffee Grinder

This Commercial Coffee Grinder is the perfect solution for your high-volume coffee shop or restaurant. Because of Equipped with a bean hopper
with a capacity of 90 kg and a grinding capacity of 1.8kg/h. Thus, it can make as much ground coffee as possible for your busy coffee shop or
restaurant without worrying about your customers waiting too long. In addition, this semi-automatic coffee grinder with a timer features precise
quick-set revolutions. So it is easy for accurate results. It can allow you to operate quickly and easily during high volumes while still producing the
ideal amount for each coffee particle size. In a word, it is our greatest wish to provide you with excellent performance, high grinding efficiency, and
a safe Coffee Grinder.

Coffee Grinder Machine–HC600

Efficiently grinds all styles of coffee beans! Also, a Commercial coffee grinder with
all- aluminum cast dispenser, and a right/left-hand handle.  Moreover, 3 optional
colors: black red, and silver, fashionable and beautiful.  At the same time, This
product has CE certification and health certification. The parameter of this grinder
is 90kg bean hopper capacity and 1.8kg/h grinding capacity. 250g dispenser capacity
and 250g/cup dispensing capacity.


Commercial Coffee Grinder
Commercial Coffee Grinder Coffee Grinder Machine Coffee Grinder Machine
Perspective visible coffee powder bin
Because the Stainless steel powder bin
is transparent and visible. Also, manual
powder dial design. Grinding capacity
Fine fine-tuning grinding disc
Because of Multi-level thickness scale
adjustment, and fine adjustment. So
it can meet the needs of coffee powder
of different thicknesses.
Control Panel
Because of the clear and easy-to-understand
operation panel.
A simple “on/off” switch is
located on the side of the unit.  Also, Timer
(up to 5 minutes) control
Commercial Coffee Grinder

High Performance

1. Sharp blade
Stainless steel grinding disc, fast grinding, fine powder. Also, super hardness
and wear resistance.

2. Precise grinding
Fine-tuning the workbench, the coffee grinding degree reaches the fine level
3. Certification
CE, hygienic certification

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