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Commercial Conveyor Toaster

Commercial Conveyor Toaster


Commercial Conveyor Toaster Features:

●  Different conveyor speeds let you toast different items to perfection
●  The wide conveyor can handle one to three pieces of toast




Power Type: Electric
Internal Size:170mm
Out Put:150-180pcs/h
Net Weight:14kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Commercial Conveyor Toaster

This Commercial Conveyor Toaster is fast, efficient and easy to use in almost any commercial kitchen.
You bake different breads as needed and The wide conveyor can handle 150-180pcs/h toast.
3 modes and 7 speeds for you to bake different delicacies.It’s ideal for cafes, cafeterias and coffee shops,
especially during the breakfast rush!Providing you a excellent performance, high frying efficiency and safe
conveyor toaster is our best will.

Conveyor Toaster –TT-150

For versatility, this toaster can dispense product from
the front or back on the included chutes. This makes it
great for either self-service breakfast bars or prep
areas where you have multiple employees assembling
sandwiches! To set this toaster up to operate only from
the front, simply close the rear panel. This will direct
the toast toward the bottom of the unit and out through
the front chute.

Commercial Conveyor Toaster
Conveyor Toaster Conveyor Toaster Conveyor Toaster

Chain transmission design
Fast and smooth transfer for improved
roasting quality. Baked evenly, bread is
nutritious and delicious. Convenient and fast,
reduce waiting time.

High-quality heating tube
The heating speed is fast and uniform,
and the color of the baked bread is
even and beautiful, making the bread
more delicious.
Drawer-type slag tray
Humanized design, is more convenient to
clean residual crumbs. It can save space,
reduce the burden on the kitchen, and is
beautiful and practical.
Commercial Conveyor Toaster High performance
1.Dual position exit design
The front-out tray and rear-out tray design meet the needs of different
picking habits and are more convenient
2.Stainless steel body
The machine is sturdy and durable, and the edges and corners are carefully
polished without hurting your hands. The machine runs smoothly.
3.High-end non-slip feet
High-end and beautiful, non-slip and wear-resistant.


Toaster machine Multiple temperature control
7 levels of baking,3 modes.
The temperature control is more
accurate, can bake different colors.
Toaster machine Convenient entrance
The entrance is silky and the bread
is more convenient to transfer, and it
is not easy to get stuck.


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