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Dough Moulder Machine

Dough Moulder Machine


Dough Moulder Machine Features:

●  Reversible shifting devices
●  Operations concentrated on one side, a person can operate, save time
●  Job holding the standardized uniform
●  Has a good closure, except the dough lightly pressed air inside
●  Conveyor has a positive reverse function that can be used for many purposes
●  Safety, healthy, easy to clean



Inlet Size:60x180mm
Roll Size:Ø95x280mm
Belt Size:1325x330mm
Net Weight:145kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Dough Moulder Machine

This Dough Moulder Machine can be used for degassing and shaping operations and is ideal for making shaped rolls bread, buns, toasts,
baguettes, squares bread, and more. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate, fast and convenient. At the same time, a large amount of
bread dough can be formed and made quickly, so it can save you a lot of manual work. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in bakeries,
cake shops, restaurants, etc. This machine is made of stainless steel, and the body is sturdy and anti-corrosion, durable. Our best will is to
provide you with premium performance, high efficiency, and a safe bread moulder machine.

Dough Moulder Machine –CG-280

Use the dough moulder machine to efficiently make different shapes of bread!
Fast speed, low noise, and high efficiency, to meet your various bread-making
needs! The machine is not only fast but also has a large capacity. So it is a good
helper in your kitchen.The parameters of this machine are 0.4kW and 220V.
And the roll size is Ø95x280mm. Machine operation frees hands and reduces
manual operation time!


Dough Moulder Machine
Dough Moulder Machine bread moulder machine Scale
Dough Conveyor
The roller system equipped in the dough
can adjust depend on the size
and hardness of
dough and can make the
dough structure more solid.
Mesh Chain
High-quality stainless steel mesh chain can
be adjusted to make the bread air well.
Can be stretched.
On the one hand, the intuitive observation
scale can be adjusted according to the dough
size at any time.
Dough Moulder Machine

High performance

1. Suitable for a variety of elongated plastic bread
2. Operations concentrated on one side, a person can operate, save time
3. Professional design dough adjustable thickness
4. Allow the dough  to fully exhaust, stretch and improve gluten
5. Stainless steel rollers, meet the health standards




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