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Electric Ice Crusher

Electric Ice Crusher


Electric Ice Crusher Features:

●  Serve delicious in a variety of tasty flavors
●  High output to ensure you have a constant supply
of ice during your busiest hours.
●  Its 4 1/4″ diameter hopper makes it easy to drop
ice into the grinding mechanisms
●  The hopper is made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability,
the motor is designed to give you the power and reliability you need




Net weight:7.5kg

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Electric Ice Crusher

The Electric Ice Crusher is perfect for making shaved ice, smoothies, and cold drinks.No matter how hard the ice is, the machine can crush the ice quickly.
Large-capacity ice tray to meet the needs of large-scale use. It is efficient and easy to operate. Suitable for cold drink shops, restaurants, bars, etc. With this
product, you can serve fresh cold drinks to your valued guests.
It is our wish to provide you with an ice crusher with excellent performance, high efficiency,
and safety.

Ice Crusher–ZY-114

High-quality stainless steel blades, easy to break the ice and make ice
exquisite. 200W high power, fast ice crush extremely fast. This ice crusher
can make 80 kg/hour, which can meet the needs of making ice cubes.
A variety of delicious shaved ice is available in abundance. The splash-resistant
design prevents ice cubes and smoothies from spilling. The base is made of silicone
rubber, which is more stable and safe to break the ice when used, and achieves the
shock absorption effect of the machine!

Electric Ice Crusher
Electric Ice Crusher
Dual-blade ice-crushing design

Crushing ice is faster and more efficient.
Moreover, the double-knife has strong wear
resistance and is faster than the single-
knife crushing ice.
motor High power engine
200W power, powerful ice-crushing ability,
and higher speed. It can make a large amount of
crushed ice at one time. Moreover, it dissipates
heat quickly and has a longer service life.
One key switch

Just press the switch button to start
crushing ice. The operation is simple
and there is no cumbersome process.
 Ice Crusher Large-diameter ice outlet
The ice-making capacity is larger and
the ice can be produced quickly.

Not easy to rust, not easy to splash.
Electric Ice Crusher

High Performance

1. High-speed double-blade design
Crushing ice without resistance, shaving ice twice as fast as a single blade
2. Upgraded ice inlet
Extended ice inlet, crushing a larger capacity of ice at one time
3. Non-slip handle
Rubber insulation is comfortable to touch Silicone is safer, insulating, and non-slip
4. Non-slip base
The bottom is firm. Not easy to move when crushing ice


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