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Ice Crusher

Ice Crusher


Ice Crusher Features:

●  The Block Ice Shaver is suitable for catering,restaurant.
●  Protection Shield: prevents accidents from improper
ice block installation.
●  New Handle Design: for softer and easier grip.
●  Designed for snow ice block, give you the best taste of
snowflake ice.
●  Equipped with easy blade sharpening devices.




Net Weight:5.5kg
Overall Dimensions:425x200x305mm

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Ice Crusher

This ice crusher works fine with ice cubes or crushed bag ice. The Ice breaker and the ice shaver
are similar in their functions. The ice shaver can only scrape large pieces of ice into ice stubbles for

making ice porridge and shaving; The responsibility of the ice breaker is to make small pieces of ice.
Used in cola, cold drinks, smoothies, and other drinks, it is one of the necessary equipment in cold drinks stores.

Ice breaker–BL-A05

1. Lattice leak-proof and splash-proof
Lattice design, anti-leakage ice splashing, accelerating the
speed of ice shaving
2. 250W high power
The copper core motor has strong power and faster ice
breaking, making the motor more durable and efficient,
not afraid of peak periods.
3. Easy Shuttle
Simple and convenient one-click opening, you can start
to make smoothies
4. Non-slip base
The base is made of silicone rubber, which is more stable
and safe when breaking ice, and achieves the shock
absorption effect of machine operation!

Ice Crusher

Stainless steel ice Basin
The stainless steel ice basin is used to
receive broken ice, which has better
durability, health and ease of use.

Stainless steel cover
The unevenness under the stainless steel cover
is conducive to fixing the ice, preventing it from
splashing out during work, and slowly advancing
to speed up ice shaving.

Antiskid handle
Rubber insulation, Comfortable handle
silicone is safer, insulated and non slip,
and pressing the handle easily can make
the speed of ice breaking faster.

Ice Crusher Big ice outlet
Stainless steel ice outlet,
fast and convenient ice out.
Not easy to rust, not easy to splash.
Ice Crusher Multifunction
This Ice Crusher Machine is made of high-quality stainless
steel material, beautiful and pollution-free, simple and clean,
clean and do not leave traces, sanitary use is more secure.
And increases the weight and service life of the whole body,
to ensure the stability of the machine in the process
of high frequency work.Suitable occasions: hotels, restaurants,
meat markets, meat processing plants, etc.

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