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PO Series Spray Proofer PO-32S With Automatic Water Inlet Pipe

PO Series Spray Proofer PO-32S With Automatic Water Inlet Pipe



1. Powerful, efficient even airflow heating system maintains the right combination of heat and humidity to properly ferment products.
2. Power switch on the top, easy to operate.
3. Full stainless steel body and strong insulation, more effective.
4. Fermentation capacity 16 trays,32 trays.




Spray Proofer
Power Type: Electric
Specifications:32-tray Single Door
Net Weight:105kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Spray Proofer With Automatic Water Inlet Pipe

Solve your high-volume proofing needs with the Spray Proofer With Automatic Water Inlet Pipe a convenient and efficient addition to any busy bakery!
It is very suitable for fermented bread, steamed buns, dough, steamed buns, and other types of use. In addition, the machine is simple, fast, and convenient
to operate. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in bakeries, breakfast shops, restaurants, etc. It
is a valuable commodity in any kitchen and with this low wattage,
you get all the benefits of a holding cabinet and a proofing cabinet in a single unit! The machine is made of stainless steel, the body is sturdy and anti-corrosion,
and durable. Our best intention is to provide you with a bread machine with excellent performance, high efficiency, and safety.


This spray proofer is suitable for all kinds of bread. The inside and outside are full of stainless
steel. Automatic water injection function, save manpower. Microcomputer control, digital display.
Timing of heating and humidifying operation.The internal micro fan of hot air and wet air circulation.
The insulation layer adopts polyurethane foam, with good insulation performance. 

Spray Proofer With Automatic Water Inlet Pipe
Proofer  Proofer 
Adjustable Pan’s Rack
the customer can adjust each deck’s height
with the easily removable support tube, it’s
very convenient for the customer, if they
need to make a big size of bread or cake.
Temperature and Humidity
Come with the temperature and humidity

controller, the temperature range
from 30~80℃, and the humidity range
from 30~110%.
Fast Fermenting
In an ambient temperature of 25-30℃, it
will take about 5 hours to complete the
fermenting, but it only takes about
30mins to finish the fermenting
with our proofer

High Performance

1. The machine automatically adds water with a water inlet and outlet,
which is more convenient.

2. Big tempered glass window, good looking, and easy to watch the
proofing process.

3. High-quality stainless steel. Stable operation, not easy to rust.

Spray Proofer With Automatic Water Inlet Pipe

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