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Soft Ice Cream Machine

Soft Ice Cream Machine

Model: LR-IC-20

Soft Ice Cream Machine Features:

●  All stainless steel body, durable
●  LCD operator Panel
●  The first circle producing me is around 20-25 mins
●  The blender with food-grade materials, safety and health
●  Automatic cleaning, simple and easy to use
●  The well-known brand compressor,refrigeration fast, high capacity,low noise, energy saving
●  Optional: Precooling the mix and keeping fresh



Production Capacity:20L/h

Net Weight:98kg

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Soft Ice Cream Machine

The multi-purpose Soft Ice Cream Machine is a good choice for commercial use or home use, especially suitable for dessert shops, western
restaurants, and milk tea shops, etc. The 2+1 Flavor Ice Cream Maker allows you to precisely control the ingredients in your desserts to meet
the needs of different tastes. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, durable, safe and hygienic, stylish, and easy to clean. Intelligent
operation, ultra-clear display, simple and convenient. Providing you with excellent performance, high efficiency, and a safe Ice Cream Machine
is our best will.

Ice Cream Maker– LR-IC-20

Make all the most popular ice creams efficiently! This machine adopts high-quality
compressor core, with fast cooling speed and fast heat dissipation of the condenser.
The overall foaming technology of the freezing tank is adopted to ensure no loss of
cold air and reduce the consumption of electricity and ice cream in summer.
Moreover, it is equipped with a food-grade mixer, which is more hygienic and safe
to use.


Soft Ice Cream Machine
Soft Ice Cream Machine controller Ice Cream Maker
Stainless steel operating handle
It can be used to make three flavors
of ice cream to satisfy various tastes.
Stainless steel handle, safe and durable,
easy to use with a pull.
Microcomputer control
It is convenient for visual observation. It
can be freely adjusted according to different
tastes. Plus, one-touch cleaning allows for
quick and automatic machine cleaning.
Food grade mixer
The wear-resistant agitator can increase
the frequency of feeding and agitation,
improve the puffing effect, and increase
the output of ice cream.

Hoppers with Lids
Equipped with two stainless steel
storage tanks on the top, the output
can reach 20L per hour, which can
meet daily household or commercial
needs. Higher output, higher profit!


drip tray Humanized drip tray
High-quality plastic drip tray with
groove design, easy-to-receive spilled
ice cream. Smooth and does not hurt
hands, and easy to clean.
Soft Ice Cream Machine

High Performance

1. Stainless steel body
Elegant and refined appearance, durable, strong, and easy to clean.
2. One-button cleaning function
Ice cream maker with automatic cleaning function, pour water into
the hopper and press the cleaning button.

3. LED smart display
One-button control, the working status can be seen in real-time.

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