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30L Food Mixer

30L Food Mixer


Commercial Stand Mixer 30L Features:

●  CE and ETL certifications are available
●  Heavy duty for 10kg flour
●  Powerful motor with overload protector
●  Gear with the high wear resistance of tin bronze, durability
●  Overall tensile bowl, without welding interface, more durable
●  Good Painting, more beautiful



30L Planetary Food Mixer
Mixing Speed:65/102/296r/min
Maxing kneading capacity:10kg
Net Weight:203kg
Material: Iron

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30L Food Mixer

1.30L Food Mixer   Great for mixing, beating, whipping batters, cake mixers, and the occasional dough or pastry.
Thanks to their multitude of functions, they are the best partner for professional cooks.
2. Ergonomic style bowl lift and a removable safety guard make it incredibly easy to remove them for cleaning and maintenance without tools.
3. Integrated emergency stop, motor overload protection, cover opening protection, and bowl sliding protection ensure the operator’s safety.
4. The non-welded brushed stainless steel bowls adopt a one-step molding technique which enhances durability.
5. Supplied standard with stainless steel safety guard, stainless steel bowl, beater, whip, and dough hook for increased utility and functionality.

 30L Planetary Mixer–B30CE

The majority of mixers on the market are either white or grey.
Commercial Planetary Food Mixers have three primary functions 
1- whipping, 2-mashing, and 3-kneading
Each different function uses a different attachment and speed.
It is important to remember to use the correct attachment with the
correct speed

30L Planetary Food Mixer
30L Planetary Food Mixer Planetary Food Mixer

High quality 
A B30CE food mixer is assembled from separate
Parts, each part is an independent UNIT, such
as the gearbox, motor, and casing are
assembled from different components.

The Mixer has an independent on, stop, and pulse switch
comes with Three different speeds control – 1-low,
2-middle and 3-high. The 1-speed is for the Dough
hook, the 2-speed is for the mixing paddle
the 3-speed is for the Whisk. It’s easy to operate.
Motor Overload Protection
When the current is too large or the current
is unstable, the overload protection of the motor will
take effect and stop working until the
current is stable before restarting.
30L Planetary Food Mixer Machine-Protection
Integrated emergency stop, motor overload protection,
cover opening protection and bowl sliding protection
ensure the operator’s safety
30L Food Mixer 30L Food Mixer
The hook: 
used to mixing the high adhibit food at low speed,
such as flour. when mixing, generally add 0.47kg
water per 1kg flour.
The whip:
used to mix the mid adhibit food at low speed or
mid-speed, such as a filling.
The beater:
 used to mixing the low adhibit food at high speed, such as
beat egg, and butter.

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