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Electric 4 Hot-plate Cooker&Oven

Electric 4 Hot-plate Cooker&Oven


1. Big power cook foods faster .
2. Thermo-protection device protects operators
4. Come wirh oven, More efficient and space saving
5. The roud type,big burner its 2.6kw ,  the Square type, burner its 4kw.
Electric 4 Hot-plate Cooker&Oven ZH-TT-4A
Power Type:Electric
Net Weight:129kg
Material:Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions:800x900x(850+60)mm

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Electric 4 Hot-plate Cooker&Oven

Electric 4 Hot-plate Cooker&Oven It is very suitable for preparing delicious dishes for customers. The four working positions make
our work efficiency higher, ensure the speed and quality of dishes, and can be used in our kitchen for a long time

Thanks to the included lava briquettes and the cast iron grates, your meats will have tantalizing grill marks and delicious flavor!
This combination furnace has a large capacity inner tank of food grade, which can be used to make multiple cleaning at the same time
304 high-quality stainless steel inner cylinder, healthy eating and safe use
With large capacity design, you can easily meet your needs
Heating position of the inner tank I. secondary stretch molding, external heating plate at the bottom, hidden heating device in the inner tank,
simple and easy to clean

Gas Tilting Braising Pan

  The housing is made from 304 stainless steel, whilstthe worktop is
made with a 1.5mm thickness to ensure strength.Core accessories
(including hot plates and thermo-stats)made in Germary are
adopted to ensure stable and reliable performance.Comes equipped
with safety thermostats to ensure safety.The 20cm stainless steel
feet can be adjusted;adjustable range:pius or minus 25cm.

  With a high power output, this product can heat up quickly,
ensuring a high energy efficiency.
High pressure heating makes
this machine very safe and reliable.
The cooking pot also has a
strainer inside of it, which makes it very easy to operate.
can be easily poured in and drained out.
Also comes equipped
with adjustable feet.


Double cylinder and double control
Double opening in busy hours, single opening
in idle hours, flexible response to various
dining needs.Double the efficiency and save
energy and money through rational use

Heating pipe
It is more suitable for cooking food with special
flavor and better taste
Large capacity console
Can cook a lot of food at the same time
More convenient to use and save space
1.  The machine comes with big heat power burners to heat your lava
briquettes and evenly cook ingredients quickly.
2. The cast iron grill grates are reversible so that you can quickly switch
between grilling and searing. And the grates can even slope for versatility.
3. For easy cleaning, the grill grates are removable, so you can wipe
down the broiler’s interior.
4. The exterior of these charbroilers is made of stainless steel with a
built-in waste tray for crumb and grease collection.


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