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Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet

Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet



1. Use imported A60 Copper ignite valve,alloy knob,pulse igniter, water switch,all with clear function marks.
2. Overall Stretching surface finish work, with 16 ss baskets, 16 boiling water vents in the bottom, meet the requirements of foods hygiene.
3. Internal structure of water tank is seamless welded, rotated faucet , overflow outlet with filter, bottom drainage hole.
4. Max water level line, copper inlet pipe. Turn the red knob to ON position, water come inside the tank , when finish use, turn the blue handle to drain the water.




Pasta Cooker With Cabinet ZH-RM-16
Power Type: Gas
Heat power:85MJ/h
Net Weight:100kg
Material:Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions:800x900x(850+60)mm

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Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet

Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet is a reliable, highly efficient choice for many different uses in your commercial kitchen!
This combination furnace has a large capacity inner tank of food grade, which can be used to make multiple cleaning at the same time
304 high-quality stainless steel inner cylinder, healthy eating and safe use
With large capacity design, you can easily meet your needs
Heating position of the inner tank I. secondary stretch molding, external heating plate at the bottom, hidden heating device in the inner tank,
simple and easy to clean

Combined noodle cooking furnace

  The spare parts needed for connection:gas pipe, connector,
fixing lock to make sure the connection is airtight. Connect
low pressure valve,open the gas source,and check
whether the
pressure gauge has gas pressure.
Press the knob, anti-clockwise turn to pilot position, hold
left hand on the pulse ignition knob,hear the “click’’
sound for
20-45s, then let go of the knob, the long lasting
fire does not off.


Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet
Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet
Double cylinder and double control
Double opening in busy hours, single opening
in idle hours, flexible response to various
dining needs.Double the efficiency and save
energy and money through rational use

Stainless steel faucet
Detachable and rotatable, add water in time,
more convenient and sanitary than traditional
Large capacity locker
Below you can place auxiliary tools for cooking,
which are more convenient to use and save space
Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet Multifunction
This Gas Pasta Cooker With Cabinet Machine is made of
high-quality stainless
steel material, beautiful and pollution-free, simple and clean,
clean and do not leave traces, sanitary use is more secure.
And increases the weight and service life of the whole body,
to ensure the stability of the machine in the process
of high frequency work.Suitable occasions: hotels, restaurants,
meat markets, meat processing plants, etc.

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