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Commercial Pizza Oven

Commercial Pizza Oven


Commercial Pizza Oven Features:

●  Top and bottom heat is controlled by the most accurate electronics.
●  Superior insulation to keep the heat in the outside cool.
●  An exceptional oven that is suitable for all types of baking.
●  Each deck is complete with a timer for individual decks by deck control.


Type: Electric

Chamber Size:720x730mm
Net Weight:60kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions:1000mm×930mm×430mm

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Commercial Pizza Oven

A commercial pizza oven is ideal for pizzas up to 4 (12″) in diameter! So this pizza oven can be used for baked goods like pizza, bread, tarts, and more.
In addition, the machine is Simple, fast, and convenient operation. So it is very suitable for pizzerias, bars, and cafeterias. Because using electricity as energy.
So it can help us cook an efficient and delicious pizza. And save cooking time. Also, save electricity, and facilitate cleaning. So you can save a lot of manual work.
Because the machine is made of stainless steel. So the body is sturdy and corrosion-resistant, and durable. Therefore, our best intention is to provide you with
a pizza oven with excellent performance, high efficiency, and safety.

4(12″)pcs Commercial Pizza Oven–LR-DBS-1

Efficiently cook all of your most popular pizzas with the commercial pizza oven!
Because of the advantage of fast speed, low noise, and high efficiency. So it meets
your various bread-making needs!  Also, This oven with
a timer is easy to control and makes
pizza, garlic bread, and cheese bread. Also, the parameters of this commercial
pizza oven
are 4.2kW,220V,4(12”)pcs, An incredible
temperature range of 85 ℃ to 450 ℃ guarantees
the space
and heat for thorough cooking.


Commercial Pizza Oven
Commercial Pizza Oven Commercial Pizza Oven Commercial Pizza Oven
Durable to Use
Stainless steel body. So strong

and durable.Fashion and beautiful
, easy to clean, long service
And does not affect the deliciousness
of food.
Easy to See
High temperature resistant Visual
window. So you can watch the formation
of pizza at any time. Stainless steel craft
the panel is durable. And not easy to damage.
Fast heating
High temperature-resistant ceramic stone.
heat evenly, greatly improving the heat
utilization rate. To meet the need for fast
And to reduce the waiting of customers.
Commercial Pizza Oven

High Performance

1. Built-in hollow boron plate, the plate has the characteristics of fast heat absorption
and good atomization effect. So that the pizza tastes better.

2. Because the independent temperature control of each layer is adjustable.
So any constant temperature control
is possible.

3. Energy saving. Also, reasonable structure.


Commercial Pizza Oven Commercial Pizza Oven Commercial Pizza Oven
High quality
High-quality stainless steel switch door.
So it can
withstand long-term contact with
high temperatures. Not easy to
And not easy to deform.
Efficient control
Unique handle design, easy to
operate. Also, easy to switch, safe
and beautiful.High concentration
energy heating, flexible and efficient
Easy to control
The deck controls and an electronic
a timer ensures make delicious pizzas
every time.85-450℃, convey speed control
Oven temperature in the real-time display.
Better temperature control.

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