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Commercial Sausage Stuffer 10L

Commercial Sausage Stuffer 10L


Commercial Sausage Stuffer Feature:

● Durable and heat-free operation.
● Includes four stuffing funnel sizes(16mm/22mm/32mm/38mm).
● Vertical design saves countertop space.
● For Maximum performance, this sausage stuffer boasts an enclosed two-speed gearing to drive the piston and a pressure release valve.
● It’s good and Ideal for all kinds of kitchens.
● Includes four stuffing funnel sizes(16mm/22mm/32mm/38mm).



Net Weight:40kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions:320x420x670mm

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Commercial Sausage Stuffer

Commercial Sausage Stuffer is very suitable for making sausages, hot dogs, sausages, hot links, etc. More suitable for commercial use
such as restaurants, supermarkets, meat shops, etc. Because of their diverse functions, they are the best partners for professional chefs

Sausage Stuffer10L

  Commercial Sausage Stuffer Large Capacity
A larger capacity stainless steel bucket is able to hold the amount of meatand
saves your working time. Easy Electric Sausage Stuffer making and easy cleaning. Health
and safety.
Multiple Choice
Equipped with four sizes of food-grade stainless steel sausage
tubes(16mm/22mm/32mm/38mm) to meet your different size requirements.
Commercial Sausage Stuffer
Commercial Sausage Stuffer Overall Well Designed Body
The vertical design can be installed on the desktop; the pressure plate
is thick and not easy to deform, the sealing ring has a strong sealing
ability effectively controls the air inlet and outlet; the base is non-slip,
and provides stability; the lock nut prevents leakage.
Effortless to Clean
The stainless steel vertical sausage stuffer is easy to assemble and use, and
each part can be easily disassembled for cleaning and storage.
The cylinder, stuffing tubes, nozzles, and
plunger are removable
for easy filling and cleaning.
Sausage Stuffer Multifunction and Steady Design
This stuffer can making kielbasa, chorizo, or bratwurst. Its vertical design
delivers reliable performance while taking up minimal counter space.
Plus, its easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain construction will keep your
sausage-making operation running at maximum efficiency. The food-grade
stainless steel rectangular chassis ensures better stability. Non-slip and
steady design make the sausage filler more stable.
Speed Adjustable with Pedal Control
Variable speed control from slow to fast. The adjustable speed setting with pedal
control allows you to make your sausage stuffer machine more efficient.


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