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Sausage Stuffer

Sausage Stuffer


Sausage Stuffer Feature:

● Oil system lifting sausage up and down, low noise and high efficiency
● Mobile body ensures greater applicability
● Motor housing is completely enclosed and a tube is supplied to cover the gear bar when in operation or for storage
● Stuffer automatically shuts off when the position is either raised all the way for filling or when it is lowered completely after the casing is stuffed
● Work at your comfort level. Use a slower speed for snack sticks to you don’t have casing blowouts
● A faster speed can be used for larger-size casings


Bowl Dia:Φ320mm
Bowl Volume:35L
Net Weight:175kg
Material: Stainless Steel

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Sausage Stuffer

First of all: the Sausage Stuffer is very suitable for making sausages, hot dogs, sausages, hot links, etc. More suitable for commercial use
such as restaurants, supermarkets, meat shops, etc. Because of their diverse functions, they are the best partners for professional chefs

Second: adopt a gear transmission system, with strong power, transmission is not easy to slip, wear-resistant and durable
Third: say goodbye to artificial backache, low efficiency, and bubbles, thicken the stainless steel base, and the rectangular design is more stable

Hydraulic sausage filler

Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel,
reliable and durable, easy to clean, and meets food safety
requirements. The appearance is treated by advanced surface technology,
beautiful and generous, compact structure, and convenient operation. Adopt
piston-type drive, adjust the working pressure, and then under the action of
the hydraulic cylinder. Extrude the material after the pressure is generated. It is
applicable to a wide range of materials, especially dry materials. The filling is
more efficient than other enema machines.

Sausage Stuffer
Hydraulic sausage filler Hydraulic sausage filler

Sealing ring
The sealing ring has a strong sealing
ability, effectively
controls the air
inlet and outlet


Stainless steel bucket
Stainless steel bucket is able to hold the amount
of meatand
saves your working time.
Easy sausage making and easy
Health and safety.
Intelligent control panel
Simple operation, one button switch, controllable
emergency stop, easy to deal with emergencies
Sausage Stuffer Equipment principle:
The feeding speed is blocked, and the intestinal body is uniform, which can be filled with
meat pieces from the intestines,
and also can be filled with chylous intestines.
Convenient operation, easy feeding, high efficiency, good continuous production
beautiful appearance, stable performance, simple operation,
and convenient maintenance

A hydraulic Sausage Stuffer is more powerful than the pneumatic enema machine,
which can easily make meat
pieces and sausages.


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